GO Justice Centre

The mission of the Glasgow Open (GO) Justice centre is to drive social change through legal education and research. We aim to empower communities and individuals to use the law to access justice and achieve social and economic inclusion.

We do this by raising awareness of social justice issues, identifying and addressing unmet legal needs while instilling core ethical values in our students. For the academic year 23/24 we have over 90 students working on various projects within the Centre. Some of these projects include volunteer placements at the Citizens advice Bureau (CAB), The Emma Ritch Law Clinic, reporting for The Justice Gap, the Environmental Law Clinic, the National Pro Bono Student Council, the GO Justice Book Club, Into University and The Marie Trust… to name a few.

We are extremely excited to continue to grow and welcome more passionate students, colleagues and external organisations who want to make a difference. 

What more can we do together?

GO Justice allows us to shine a light on what we already do and will act as a spring-board to redouble efforts to make a wider contribution to society.

GO Justice is an initiative that places huge value on the contribution that law students can offer. Students can go to the GO Justice section of the Employability Moodle to find out more about current opportunities. If you have ideas about collaborations or are passionate about a particular cause that needs some legal thinking then do get in touch via email: law-go-justice@glasgow.ac.uk or email our projects coordinator - nicole.marshall@glasgow.ac.uk