About Us

The outside of the Sir Graeme Davies Building on a sunny day

Affectionately referred to as 'the two Is' and communicated as 'Sii', the School of Infection & Immunity is one of eight schools in the College of Medical, Veterinary, and Life Sciences (MVLS)

Our scientists and clinicians work together to promote and develop research, drug discovery, and improvements in patient care.

We are committed to excellence in graduate and post-graduate teaching, and developing the next generation of researchers and deliver internationally recognised research-led degree programmes.

Our Aims

  • To understand the basic science of the immune system and how the immune system can, in turn, promote disease
  • To understand the biology of parasites, viruses and bacteria and the interactions with their hosts, that lead to high levels of infectious disease worldwide
  • To develop therapies —drugs and vaccines— targeted on these processes
  • To explore new treatments and strategies in clinical and translational medicine

Our Expertise

We are comprised of scientists and clinical investigators of global repute with the cutting-edge expertise necessary to achieve our aims while supporting the next generation of researchers.

Our expertise is supported by state-of-the-art basic science technology, integrated seamlessly with translational clinical trial facilities.

We aspire to a truly ‘bench to bedside and back’ approach to resolving crucial questions of this new millennium.