Student life

The School of Humanities produces critical thinkers of the highest calibre. The Humanities foster cutting-edge research into the languages, traditions, texts, ideas, and artefacts, which have shaped our world. Engagement with this research leads students to develop their individual ways of thinking creatively: learning how to evaluate many different kinds of evidence. The education we provide is rigorous, demanding, and produces adaptable, confident, and articulate graduates able to transfer their skills to new areas, and to reflect not just upon the disciplines they have studied, but upon their own growth as learners, thinkers, and researchers.

The language-based disciplines (Celtic & Gaelic, Latin, Greek) have a central place within the School, providing a resource for undergraduate and postgraduate students. These languages contribute strongly to enhancing literacy, increasing awareness of how language and expression work, and thus contribute further to the verbal proficiency and writing skills of our graduates and researchers.

Humanities education demands reflection on and beyond the boundaries of a single discipline. Because all students in the College follow an interdisciplinary pre-honours programme, interdisciplinarity in the School is driven both by renewal of the disciplines in research, and by the interests of our students.