Philosophy Postgraduate Seminars

Postgraduate seminars 2022/23

Fridays at 4pm

Programme to be announced shortly.

Postgraduate Seminars 2021-22

 Fridays at 4pm

DateSpeakerTitle of Talk
01/10/2021 Finlay McCardel In Defence of Strict Implication
08/10/2021 Shweta Pandey Philosophy and Psychology of Change in Gendered Terms
15/10/2021 Lysette Chaproniere Is It Bad To Have Limitations?
22/10/2021 Ísak Andri Ólafsson Unwanted Knowledge Transmission
29/10/2021 Konstantinos Chatzigeorgiou Was Euclid a pragmatist? A critical analysis of Edward Strong’s 1936 Procedures and Metaphysics
28/01/2022  Josh Cox   Scaffolded Epistemology: A Reply to Carter and Kallestrup (2018)
04/02/2022 Cian Brennan Weak Transhumanism: Moderate Enhancement as a Non-Radical Path to Radical Enhancement
11/02/2022 Rory Aird   A Puzzle of Epistemic Paternalism
18/02/2022 Fabien Dezeque  Are most people under the grip of positive illusions?
25/02/2022 Laura Fearnley  Moral and Causal Responsibility for Omissions
04/03/2022 MSc Talks  
11/03/2022 MSc Talks  
18/03/2022 MSc Talks  
25/03/2022 MSc Talks  
22/04/2022 Nina Kojima   Ethics in Extraterrestrial Nanotechnology
29/04/2022 Matthew Kinakin  Pain and Transparency: Against Evaluativism about Unpleasant Badness
13/05/2022 Andrew Sherrod Wittgenstenian Hinges: A New Account
20/05/2022 Han Edgoose Hermeneutical Sabotage
27/05/2022 Ross Patrizio Productivity and Balance in the Epistemology of Testimony
03/06/2022 Bank Holiday  
10/06/2022 Victoria Angelici No One Escapes the Pit of Despair: On the Isolation of Remaining in the Closet
24/06/2022 Yiheng Ding The Ethics of Manipulation and Adversarial Context

Postgraduate Seminars 2020-21

Fridays at 4pm 


Speaker Name

Title of Talk


Yasmeen Hindawi

Social Generics, Context, and Harm


Finlay McCardel

A Defence of the Modal Conception of Risk


Dario Mortini

(Knowledge-first) Epistemology Legalised


Adriana Alcarez Sanchez 

I witnessed my sleep last night: Pure awareness and minimal dreaming during Yoga Nidra


Imants Latkovskis

Capability Approach And Civic Education


MSc students 



MSc students



MSc students 



MSc students



Laura Fearnley

Causal Talk and Moral Responsibility


Eirini Katsikea

Arthur C. Danto's 'The End of Art' thesis: the theoretical revision of the causal histories of art versus theoretical revisions in the history of art




Jakob Ohlhorst

No veritists after all


Fabien Dézèque

An alternative theory of pain asymbolia


Fabien Dézèque

Avoiding the hard problem: an argument in support of analytic idealism


Lysette Chaproniere

Is Transhumanism Necessarily Ableist?


Ísak Andri Ólafsson

Social Credit and the Transmission of Knowledge


Konstantinos Chatzigeorgiou

Frederick Woodbridge: Philosophy of History and History of Philosophy


MSc students



MSc students



MSc students



MSc students




Cody Cantabrana

Musical Works as Music Natures


Yiheng Ding 

Nudge, Whose Job? Libertarian Paternalism & The Design of Personal Parliament


Daniella Meehan 

Epistemic Corruption and the Media


Matthew Kinakin

Agency, Self-Knowledge, and The Identity Thesis


Yunjie Zhang

Reconciling anthropocentrism and non-anthropocentrism? Against the Convergence Hypothesis


Victoria Angelici

Authenticity and Queer Identity: on a very queer subject


Pinelopi Stylianopoulou

The Collapse Problem for Logical Pluralism


Edwin Wilkinson

Subjectivity and Semantic Arguments against Consciousness Realism


Nina Kojima 

Ethical Challenges of Human Space Exploration

Postgraduate Seminars 2019-20

Fridays at 4pm in 108LT Rankine Building

For enquiries contact the organisers:

  • Laura Fearnley (
  • Dario Mortini (

Semester 1:

  • Sept 20: Lysette Chapronier
  • Sept 27: Efrain  Gayosso
  • Oct 4: Finn McCardel
  • Oct 11: Olan Harrington
  • Oct 18: Daniel Abrahams
  • Oct 25: Cody Cantabrana
  • Nov 1 Masters Talks
  • Nov 8: Masters Talks
  • Nov 15: Masters Talks
  • Nov 22: Dario Mortini
  • Nov 29: Eilidh Harrison
  • Dec 6: Daniella Meehan

Semester 2:

  • 17th January: Olan Harrington
  • 24th January : Anne-Kathrin Kock
  • 31st January:  Imants latkovskis
  • 7th February :  Laura Fearnley
  • 14th February :  Yunjie Zhang
  • 21st February :  Daniella Meehan
  • 28th February : Adriana Alcaraz Sanchez
  • 6th March  Masters Talks
  • 13th March Masters Talks
  • 20th March Masters Talks
  • 27th March :  Martin Miragoli
  • 3rd April Daniela Ruso

A list of previous seminars can be found .

Postgraduate Seminars 2018-19

Semester 1:

  • September 28th: Philipp Dapprich
  • October 5th: Joaquim Giannotti 
  • October 12th: Yunjie Zhang 
  • October 19th: María Méndez
  • October 26th: Eilidh Harrison
  • November 2nd: Ólan Harrington 
  • November 9th: Julian Shortt
  • November 16th: Raúl Morales 
  • November 23rd: Ewan Burns
  • November 30th: MSc Talks
  • December 7th: MSc Talks
  • December 14th: MSc Talks

Semester 2:

  • January 18th: Jenelle Salisbury
  • January 25th: Martin Miragoli
  • February 1st: Imants Latkovskis
  • February 8th: Dario Mortini
  • February 15th: Daniel Abrahams
  • February 22nd: Eilidh Harrison
  • March 1st: Olan Harrington
  • March 8th: Lysette Chaproniere
  • March 15th: Laura Fearnley
  • March 22nd: Daniella Meehan

Postgraduate Seminars 2017-18

Semester 1:

  • September 22 — Nathan Kirkwood: Pioneers of Empiricism: Quine’s Debt to Studying Hume
  • September 29 — Frodo Podschwadek: Public Reason for Non-Citizens
  • October 6 — Daniel Abrahams: Satiric Criticism in a Mass Media Environment
  • October 13 — Maria Mendez: Political Autonomy’s Role for the Enjoyment of Personal Autonomy
  • October 20 — Jade Fletcher: Truth for Metaontological Deflationists
  • October 27 — No meeting
  • November 3 — Ewan Burns: The Social Knowledge Argument for Conservatism.
  • November 10 — Philipp Dapprich: A Marxist Theory of Justice?
  • November 17 — TBA
  • November 24 — MsC Students Blair Pinkett; Findlay Reid; and Matthew Watkins
  • December 1 — MsC Students Edwin Wilkinson; Bruce Paterson; Chris Daly; Julian Findley
  • December 8 — MsC Students Eliott Kibble; Andrew Benn; Ioanna Ourlaki; Marie Oldfield 

Semester 2: 

  • January 19 — Olan Harrington
  • January 26 —  Yannic Kappes
  • February 2 —  Imants Latkovskis
  • February 9 — Joaquim Giannotti
  • February 16 —  Zoe Jenkin
  • February 23 — Maria Mendez
  • March 2 —  Adriana Deuterio
  • March 9 —  Eilidh Harrison
  • March 16 — Raul Morales
  • March 23 —  Yun Zhang
  • May 4 — Adriana Sanchez
  • May 11 — Raul Morales
  • May 18 — Gloria Andrade
  • May 25 — Maria Mendez
  • June 1 — Olan Harrington

Postgraduate Seminars 2015-16

  • October 2nd - Berta Grimau ‘Pseudo-singularity in a pluralist framework’
  • October 9th - Abraham Sapien Cordoba ‘Desires of pain and pleasure’
  • October 16th - Katherine Meadowcroft ‘Moore’s paradox and Self-deception’
  • October 23rd - Joaquim Giannotti ‘Powers All The Way Down? The Case of Positional Properties’
  • October 30th - Frodo Podschwadek ‘Too Much Substance: How John Rawls’ Liberal Virtues Missed the Political Turn’
  • November 6th - Catherine Robb ‘Talents, Identity, and Well-Being’
  • November 13th - Patrick Kaczmarek ‘Population ethics - ignoring the future, making it worse in the now’
  • November 20th - Suzanne Harvey ‘Suicide and What We Owe to Future Selves’
  • November 27th - Rashida Ahmed ‘Physicalism’s commitments and the explanatory gap’
  • —-SPA meeting, no seminar—-
  • December 11th – Three Masters presentations, 30 minutes, 10 minutes Q&A each
  • January 15th – Tyler Mcnabb ‘An Epistemic Defeater for Islamic Belief?’
  • January 22nd - Berta Grimau ‘Making sense of super plurals'
  • January 29th - Joaquim Giannotti ‘Against Platonic Dispositionalism'
  • February 5th – Abraham Sapien Cordoba ‘Phenomenological theories of unpleasantness’
  • February 12th – Frodo Podschwadek giving his talk titled 'Blurred Lines: Ethical and Political Autonomy in Political Liberal Education'
  • February 19th – No Seminar
  • February 26th – Suzanne Harvey ‘Paternalism and Libertarianism in the Ethics of Suicide'
  • March 4th – Catherine Robb ‘What’s Unequal about Unequal Talents?’
  • March 11th – Master’s Presentation – Frank Burr
  • March 18th – Marter’s Presentations - Srotaswini Bhowick and Efthimios Constantinou
  • April 22nd - Nathan Kirkwood
  • April 29th – Ewan Burns
  • May 6th – Matt Linsley
  • May 13th – Daniel Abrahams 
  • May 20th – Master’s Presentation - Elliot Porter 
  • May 27th – tbc
  • June 3rd - tbc
  • June 10th - tbc
  • June 17th - tbc

Postgraduate Seminars 2014-15

Semester 1

Friday, September 26:  James Humphries (chair:  Suzanne Harvey)
Friday, October 3:  Suzanne Harvey  (chair:  James Humphries)
Friday, October 10:  Sheena McAnulla  (chair:  Abraham Sapien Cordoba)
Friday, October 17: Abraham Sapien Cordoba  (chair:  Patrick Kaczmarek)
Friday, October 24:  Tyler McNabb  (chair:  Rashida Ahmad)
Friday, October 31:  Rashida Ahmad  (chair:  Frodo Podschwadek)
Friday, November 7:  Mika Suojanen (chair: Catherine Robb)
Friday, November 14:  Frodo Podschwadek  (chair:  Berta Grimau)
Friday, November 21:  Nathan Kirkwood and Finlay McCardel
Friday, November 28:  Steven Spence and Erin Crombie
Friday, December 5:  Paul Butterfield and Mirko Tagliaferri
Friday, December 12:  Duncan Crowe and Elizabeth Southgate

Semester 2/3

Friday, January 16:  Suzanne Harvey (James Humphries to chair)
Friday, January 23:  James Humphries (Suzanne Harvey to chair)
Friday, January 30:  Catherine Robb (Abraham Sapien Cordoba to chair)
Friday, February 6:  Katherine Meadowcroft (Berta Grimau to chair)
Friday, February 13:  Berta Grimau (Katherine Meadowcroft to chair)
Friday, February 20:  Patrick Kaczmarek (Catherine Robb to chair)
Friday, February 27:  Frodo Podschwadek (Patrick Kaczmarek to chair)
Friday, March 6:  TBA
Friday, March 13: Frank Burr, Duncan Crowe (each: 30 min presentation, 20 min questions, 55 min max)
Friday, March 20:  Paul Butterfield, Libby Southgate (each: 30 min presentation, 20 min questions, 55 min max) 
Friday, March 27:  Nathan Kirkwood, Mirko Tagliaferri (each: 30 min presentation, 20 min questions, 55 min max) 
Friday, April 3:  No Seminar
Friday, April 10:  No Seminar
Friday, April 17:  Tyler McNabb (Frodo Podschwadek to chair)
Friday, April 24:  Rashida Ahmad (Tyler McNabb to chair)
Friday, May 1:  Abraham Sapien Cordoba (Rashida Ahmad to chair)
Friday, May 8:  Daniel Stanzel (Joaquim Giannotti to chair)
Friday, May 15:  Joaquim Giannotti  (Suzanne Harvey to chair)
Friday, May 22:  Ashley Pennington (James Humphries to chair)

Postgraduate Seminars 2012-13

Senior seminar 2012-13

11 September Derek Brown (Brandon): "Colour constancy and colour layering"
18 September
Jonathan Cohen (UC San Diego): "Ecumenicism, Comparability, and Color, Or:How to Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too"
25 September
Alexandra Plakias (Aberdeen): "How Moral Disagreement is a Problem for Realism"
2 October
Mark Jago (Nottingham): "Material Objects"
9 October
Aaron Cotnoir (Aberdeen, NIP): "Parts as Counterparts"
16 October
Chris Tucker (Auckland: "If Dogmatists Have Cognitive Penetration Problems, then You Do Too"   
30 October
Mark Sprevak (Edinburgh): "Is the extended mind hypothesis nonsensical?"
6 November
Michael Sollberger (Lausanne/Oxford): "Causation in Perception: A Challenge to Naïve Realism"
13 November
Luke Russell (Sydney): "Is Forgiveness Elective?"
20 November: 
Jessica Leech (Sheffield): "Essence and Mere Necessity"
27 November:
Darryl Gunson (University of the West of Scotland): "Moral Enhancement"
4 December: John Bishop (Auckland): "Concepts of God and Problems of Evil"

8 January 2013    Robert Williams (Leeds): "Decision making under indeterminacy"
15 January     
Brian McElvee (St Andrews): "Vividness and the Relativism of Blame"
22 January    Gerald Lang (Leeds): "Theodicy and the Non-Identity Problem"
29 January    
Ken Himma (Seattle Pacific University): "A justification for the legal protection of intellectual property: the argument from investment"
5 February    
Mikael Pettersson (Stockholm/Sheffield) "Negative Images: On Photography, Causation and Absences"
12 February   
Julien Deonna (Geneva) /Fabrice Teroni (Bern): "Emotions as attitudes"
19 February   
No seminar (hons reading party)
26 February  
 Marcia Baron (St Andrews) "Reasonableness"
5 March    
Chris Hookway (Sheffield) "Pragmatism and Perceptual Judgement"
12 March    
Ulrike Heuer (Leeds) "Reasons to Intend"
19 March   
 William Mander (Oxford) "Scottish Idealism and the True Self"
16 April    
Neil Sinclair (Nottingham), "Expressivism about Reason Statements"
30 April  
 Simon Kirchin (Kent), "Concepts, Conceptions, and the Epistemology of Disagreement"
14 May    
Neil Sinhababu (National University of Singapore), "Desire's Explanations"
28 May  
 Philip Meadows (University of Western England) "Naïve Realism and the Phenomenal Character of Perceptual Experience"

Postgraduate Seminars 2011-12

Senior seminar 2011-12

20 September Ben Colburn (University of Glasgow), 'Conceptions of responsibility'
27 September
Hallvard Lillehammer (University of Cambridge), 'There's something about moral testimony'
4 October
Matthew Conduct (University of Durham), 'An unnecessary commitment of naive realism'
11 October
Vasilis Politis (Trinity College Dublin), 'Plato and the current essence and modality debate'
18 October
Katie Steele (London School of Economics), 'Stopping rules sometimes matter to Bayesians too'
25 October
no seminar (Reading Party)
1 November
Vladimir Svoboda (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic), 'Hare's thesis and the bounds of logic'
8 November
Duncan Pritchard (University of Edinburgh), 'Anti-luck virtue epistemology'
15 November
Chris Belshaw (Open University), 'The language of harm'
22 November
Sarah Broadie (University of St Andrews), 'Did Plato's cosmos have a beginning?'
29 November
Kimberley Brownlee (University of Manchester), 'A human right against social deprivation?'

17 January 2012  Elizabeth Cripps (University of Edinburgh), Climate Change and Moral Baggage: Collective failure, individual
taint and marring choices
24 January  Christian List (LSE), Free Will, Determinism, and the Possibility of Doing Otherwise
31 January  Robin LePoidevin (University of Leeds), Projecting God
7 February  Simon Prosser (University of St Andrews), Perception and the Passage of Time
14 February  Corine Besson (Birkbeck University), The Open Future, Bivalence and Assertion
21 February  READING PARTY
28 February  Jean-Michel Roy (ENS), Misconceiving the need for a mark of the cognitive
6 March  Jonas Olsson (Stockholm University), How to Understand Mackie’s Arguments from Queerness
13 March  Colin Johnston (University of Stirling), A Version of the Identity Theory of Truth
20 March  Franz Berto (University of Aberdeen), The Empire Strikes Back: the Law of Non-Contradiction After Dialetheism
17 April  Peter Hanks (University of Minnesota), First-Person Propositions
24 April  Jennifer Corns (University of Glasgow), Pain and Idiosyncrasy
1 May  Timothy Williamson (Oxford University), Metaphysics and Higher-Order Modal Logic
8 May  Robert Cowan (University of Glasgow), Ethical Perception and Ethical Intuitionism
15 May  Philipp Keller (University of Geneva), Fundamentality, Grounding and Dependence
22 May  Lloyd Humberstone (Monash University), Logical Relations – Traditional and Not-So Traditional

Postgraduate Seminar Programme 2011-2012







23 September 2011

Gareth Young

‘Dialetheism, Paradox and Revenge’

30 September 2011

Umut Baysan

 ‘A Critique of Realization Externalism’

7 October 2011

Ross Hetherington

 ‘Self-Esteem and Justice as Good for Persons’

14 October 2011

Neil McDonnell

‘An Alternative Version of Events’

21 October 2011

Carole Baillie

‘Multiculturalism and 'culture': the problem with using such a slippery term’

28 October 2011

Andrew MacGregor

‘Does Experience Exist?’

3 November 2011

Barbara Spevack

‘An Evaluation of Thom Brooks’ Defence of Jury Nullification’

11 November 2011

John Donaldson

‘Why Realisation and Determination are Incompatible’

18 November 2011

Peter McLarty

‘Character and Moral Responsibility’

25 November 2011

James Humphries

‘Autonomy and Social Relations’

2nd December 2012

Paola Vullo

‘The Multidimensional God’

Postgraduate Seminars 2010-11

Senior seminar programme 2010-2011

28 September
Cian Dorr (Oxford University)  'Transparency and the context-sensitivity of attitude reports'
5 October
Myles Burnyeat (University of Cambridge)  'Weakness of Belief'
12 October Trent Dougherty (Baylor University)  'Perceptual Evidence'
19 October
Elinor Mason (University of Edinburgh)  'Coercion and Integrity'
26 October
no seminar  
2 November
Graham Oddie (University of Colorado at Boulder) 'A new theory of truthmakers'
9 November
Catherine Wilson (University of Aberdeen)  'Moral properties and secondary qualities'
16 November
Bob Hale (University of Sheffield)  'Where do absolute necessities come from?'
23 November
Guido Bacciagaluppi (University of Aberdeen)  'Quantum logic and truth-functionality'
30 November Cain Todd (University of Lancaster)  'Fitting attitudes and relative values'
7 December Andy Egan (Rutgers University / University of St Andrews)  'Why ethics is all about me'


18 January
Wolfram Hinzen (University of Durham)  'Deflationism, truth, and grammar'
25 January
Richard King (University of Glasgow)  'Universality and Argument in Mencius IIa6'
1 February Adam Rieger (University of Glasgow)  'Moore's Paradox and Doxastic Logic'
8 February
Fabian Dorsch (University of Fribourg)  'Experiencing the Self'
15 February
Ben Colburn (University of Glasgow)  'Authenticity'
22 February
no seminar (Reading Party)  
1 March
Clare Batty (University of Kentucky)  Olfaction: (Some) Philosophical Perspectives
8 March
Todd Buras (Baylor University)  'Hume's Principle, Reid's Counterexample'
15 March
Malcolm Schofield (University of Cambridge)  'Cicero on philosophy as debate, philosophy as blueprint for action'
25 March Vladimir Vovk (Royal Holloway, University of London)


Friday 3pm, 15 University Gardens, Room 326. Joint seminar with Statistics.
'Game-theoretic probability: a brief introduction to its mathematics and philosophy'
19 April Simon Hope (University of Stirling)  'The cosmopolitanism of fear'
26 April Michelle Montague (University of Bristol)  'The content, intentionality and phenomenology of perceptual experience'
3 May Samir Okasha (University of Bristol)  'Veil-of-ignorance arguments in philosophy, economics, and evolutionary biology'
10 May Kevin Timpe (Northwest Nazarene University)  'Eschatological Freedom'
17 May Susanna Schellenberg (Rutgers / St Andrews)  'Perceptual knowledge of particular objects'
24 May Alan Hajek (Australian National University)  'A plea for the improbable'

Postgraduate seminar programme, 2010-2011, Semester 2

1st October Robert Cowan Intuitionism,
Understanding, and Belief
08th October  Ross Hetherington Rawls, the Moral Powers, and the Moral Sentiments
15th October  Gareth Young  Indefinite Extensibility
22nd October  Andy MacGregor Seeing Things: Relationalism and Hallucination
29th October    No seminar occurred
5th November  Neil McDonnell Counterfactual
Causation and Pre-emption : Trumping Trumped
12th November  David Baxter Political Realism and Warfare
19th November Carole Baillie Our duties to help the poor: Why Pogge's account doesn't go far enough
26th November Alan Wilson Virtue Ethics: Problems for an account of right action
3rd December  Caroline Orians 

Time: Can Aristotle's account of the relation between time and change be

utilized in modern theories of time?

10th December  Quincy Morrissey  Narrow Content: Does Fodor succeed in arguing against externalism?


14th January Ross Hetherington 'Moral Psychology and the Overlapping Consensus'
21st January  Gareth Young 'Paraconsistency and Expressive Limitations'
28th January  Giovanni Gellera 'The problem of the independent existence of prime matter'
4th Febuary  John Donaldson 'Non-Reductive Physicalism Versus the Supervenience Argument'
11th Febuary   Postgraduate Philosophy Quiz, featuring a host of fiendishly fun rounds, including Fictionalism, The Game of the Name, and You have a Beautiful Face for Philosophy
18th Febuary  Umut Baysan 'Multiple Realizability and Species-Specific Reductionism'
25th Febuary Andrew MacGregror 'Neither In Here nor Out There: The Relationality of Phenomenal Qualities'
4th March David Baxter 'Autonomy: does a hierarchical conception work?'
11th March Caroline Orians 'Aquinas: Pure Philosophy or Natural Theology; Examining Q2 Article 1 & 2 of the Summa Theologiae'
18th March Alan Wilson 'Firth's Idealized Moral Constructivism - Some Criticisms and
25th March Quincy Morrissey  'Should we be a low-level or high-level theorist
regarding the admissible contents of experience?'
22nd April
Robert Cowan
'Substantivity, Analyticity and Moral
29th April Renee Bleau 'Knowledge Production in Psychology: Are Qualitative Methods a Viable Alternative to Quantitative Methods?'
 6th May  Neil McDonnell 'Trumping Magic: An argument against Schaffer's use of magical examples
in his "Trumping Preemption'
13th May Ambrose Lee (University of Stirling) 'The Incomparability of Valuable Goals and Activities'
20th May Patrick McDevitt 'Presumptive Benefits and the Principle of Fairness - can Klosko respond?'
27th May Joey Pollock (University of Edinburgh) 'Social Externalism and the Problem of Communication'
3rd June Jamie Collins (University of Edinburgh) 'Mathematical Explanation and Ontological Commitment'

Conference on the good life and conceptions of life in Greek and Chinese Antiquity, 7-9 June 2010

The Department hosted a conference on the good life in Greek and Chinese Antiquity in June 2010, organised by Richard King. Full details can be found .

Postgraduate Serminars 2009-10

6 October
David Lumsden (University of Waikato)  'The Value of Nonsense'
13 October
Stephen Grimm (Fordham University)  'Knowledge, Practical Interests, and Rising Tides'
20 October
Bob Stern (University of Sheffield)  'Constructivism and the Argument from Autonomy'
27 October
Reading Party  
3 November
Philip Ebert (University of Stirling)  'The Case for Closure'
10 November
Helen Frowe (University of Sheffield)  'Defensive Killing'
17 November 
Paul Coates (University of Hertfordshire)  'The Multiple Contents of Experience'
24 November
John Haldane
(University of St. Andrews)
 'The Immaterial Mind'
Please note that this talk will take place in Rm 408 (the Sir Andrew Frame Lecture Theatre), Rankine Building, Oakfield Ave
1 December
John Skorupski (University of St. Andrews)   'Modality and Normativity'
8 December
Andy Clark (University of Edinburgh)  'Spreading the Joy? Why the Machinery of Consciousness is (Probably) Still in the Head'
12 January
Daniel Rothschild (Oxford University)  'Conditional propositions'
19 January
Campbell Brown (University of Edinburgh)  'When is a life worth living?'
26 January Tim Chappell (Open University)  'Aristotelian practical truth'
2 February
Michael Brady (University of Glasgow)  'Blame, hope and disappointment'
9 February
no seminar (Reading Party)  
16 February
Ian Rumfitt (Birkbeck College)  'Ramsey on truth and meaning'
23 February
Havi Carel (University of the West of England)  'Subjective wellbeing and objective health'
2 March
Mike Martin (UCL)  'What's plainly in view'
9 March
Suzanne Uniacke (University of Hull)  'Respect for autonomy in medical ethics'
Please note - this will take place in the Murray Room,
Classics Dept, 65 Oakfield Ave
16 March
James Wilberding (University of Newcastle)   'Cosmology as a case-study in metaphysics'
23 March Allan Hazlett (Fordham University)  'Epistemic essentialism'
20 April Tim Crane (Cambridge)  'Existence and quantification reconsidered'
27 April Jens Timmermann (St. Andrews) 'Moral Conflicts in Kantian Ethics'
4 May Liz Ashford (St. Andrews)  'Imperfect Duties of Justice'
 11 May
Joel Smith (University of Manchester)  'Other Minds and Other Bodies'
18 May Hannes Leitgeb (University of Bristol)  'Reducing Belief Simpliciter to Degrees of Belief'
25 May Wayne Wu (Ohio State University)  'Touch, proprioception and bodily ownership'
6 July Robert Audi (Notre Dame)

Response by Robert Cowan (Glasgow)

'Intuitions, Inuitionism, and Moral Judgment'

Postgraduate Seminar 2009-2010

15th Jan. David Uings  Perception, Illusion and the Interpreter Module 
22nd Jan.  Ioanna-Maria Patsalidou Some Remarks on C. S. Lewis' Defence of Hell 
29th Jan. Christopher Yorke Teaching Old Utopians New Virtues: Plato, Skinner, and Moral Inculcation in the Ideal State
5th Feb. John Donaldson Causation, Counterfactuals and Kim: A Reply to List and Menzies
12th Feb. Allan Jeffrey Wide Content and Mental Causation
19th Feb. Gareth Young  The Schematic Approach to Absolute Generality
26th Feb. Sebastian Sanhueza How to Fix Perceptual Contents? Travis' Objection from 'Looks' 
5th Mar. David Atiken  Morality as a Pretence? Motivating Hermeneutic Fictionalism 
12th Mar. Carole Baillie Why we Should not Tolerate Nonliberal Societies: A Criticism of Rawls' Global Theory of Justice
19th Mar. Carolin Schulze Preserving Species and Protecting Cultural Values: A Critique of Sagoff's Anthropocentrism
26th Mar.  Patrick McDevitt  George Klosko and the Principle of Fairness
16th April Ross Hetherington Rawl's and the Sentiments
30th April Robert Cowan What's Wrong and What's Right About the Perceptual Theory of the Emotions
7th May Stuart Crutchfield  How Should we Count Perceptual Experiences at a Time?
14th May Andy MacGregor Non-Inner Experience and the Causal Theory of Vision
21st May Christopher Yorke A Dime in Every Coin Return Slot, a Bakery on Every Corner: The Case for Positive Situationism
28th May Giovanni Gellera Transubstantiation: Some Philosophical Consequences of a Theological Doctrine
4th June Sebastian Sanhueza Visual Contents and Visual Looks: (Another) Riposte to Travis
11th June Paul Ross Meaning and Knowledge: Dummett Versus Fitch's Paradox

 Autumn/Winter 2009/10 Schedule: 

Date Speaker Title 
25th Sept. Stuart Crutchfield  Phenomenal Unity and the Trouble with Tye 
02nd Oct.  Ioanna-Maria Patsalidou  Will God Succeed in Saving all His Creatures? Rejecting Talbott's Hard Universalism 
09th Oct.  Christopher Yorke  Sacrifice Fly: Utopia and the Problem of Violence
16th Oct.  Ross Hetherington  Rawls on Guilt 
23rd Oct.  Robert Cowan Is There a way Wrong Actions Look?
30th Oct.  Allan Jeffrey  Can a Functionalist Accommodate the Qualitative Aspects of Mental States?
06th Nov.  Gareth Young  The Caesar Problem for Basic Law V
13th Nov.  Sebastian Sanhueza  What Perceptual Experience Does not Represent: An Assessment of Brewer's Remarks on the Muller-Lyer Illusion against the Content View
20th Nov.  David Atiken  The Evolutionary Debunking of Morality
27th Nov.  Carole Baillie  The Problem with the Capitalist-Worker Relationship
04th Dec.  Carolin Schulze  The Case Against Speciesism: Singer's arguments for the equal consideration of interests
11th Dec.  Patrick McDevitt  Why Authority is not Logically Inconsistent with Autonomy 

There was also a supplementary session on Thursday 5th October, at 6pm in the Carmichael Room.

Postgraduate Serminars 2008-09

Sept 23: Alan Carter (Glasgow), 'Some groundwork for an alternative axiology'.

Sept 30: Martin Smith (Glasgow), 'The scope of parity reasoning'

Oct. 7: Andrew McGonigal (Leeds), 'More on many minds'

Oct 14: Matthew Chrisman (Edinburgh), 'Metaethics and The Philosophy of Language'

Oct 21: Wayne Riggs (Oklahoma), 'Open-mindedness'

Nov 4: Ciara Fairley (Cambridge), 'What Reasons Needn't Be'

Nov 11: John Kulvicki (Dartmouth), 'Heavenly sight and the nature of seeing-in'

Nov 18: Michael Morris (Sussex), 'Coming to terms with the world'

Nov 25: Peter Simons (Leeds), 'Categories in ontology and thought: a reassessment'

Dec 2: Antony Duff (Stirling), 'To Whom Must We Answer? Criminal Responsibility and Human Community'

Dec 9: Tillman Vierkent (Edinburgh), 'Free mental actions, managerial control, and the extended will'

Dec 16: Mike Wheeler (Stirling), 'Recarving the cognitive joints of nature'

January 13: Yuri Cath (St. Andrews), 'Knowing How without Knowing That'

January 20: Fraser McBride (Birkbeck), 'On the Origins of Order: Reflections on Russell and Wittgenstein'

January 27: Barry Dainton (Liverpool), 'Time, Passage and Immediate Experience'

February 10: Karol Polcyn (Szczecin), 'What is the explanatory gap?'

February 17: Tom Pink (King’s College), 'Power and Moral Responsibility'

February 24: Lloyd Gerson (Toronto), 'Who Owns What? Some Reflections on the Foundation of Political Philosophy'

March 3: Stephen McLeod (Liverpool), 'Existence and Instantiation'

March 10: Glenn Pettigrove (Auckland), 'The purported significance of self-effacement for ethical theory'

March 17: David Liggins (Manchester), 'Truth and the Function of 'True''

March 24: Ross Cameron (Leeds), 'Necessity and Triviality'

April 21: John Divers (Leeds), 'Belief in Absolute Necessity'

April 28: Andy Clark (Edinburgh), 'Spreading the Joy? Why Consciousness is (Probably) Still in the Head'

May 5: Thomas Johansen (Brasenose College, Oxford), 'Why nutrition is basic to Aristotle's psychology'

May 12: Matthew Hanser (UCSB), 'Deferring to Others'

May 19: Nic Southwood (Oxford/ANU), 'Social Norms and Moral Principles'

May 20: Kai Wehmeier (University of California, Irvine), 'Identity is not a Relation' (please note that this talk is on a Wednesday)

May 26: Mark Hogarth (Leverhulme Fellow, Glasgow), 'Outline of  a New Philosophy of Mathematics'


Conference 11 - 14 September 2008:

Summer 2008:

Postgraduate Seminars 2007-08

28 Sept 2007 Stuart Crutchfield Phenomenal Unity
5 October Graham Peebles Foundationalism and Coherentism in Brewer
12 October Kile Jones Hume and Causation
19 October Ross Heatherington Constructivism as a Metaethical Theory: Some Thoughts
26 October Ioanna-Maria Patsalidou Craig and a Middle Knowledge Perspective on the Exclusivity of Salvation Through Christ
2 November Nigel Hee Vagueness and the Sorites Paradox
9 November David Colledge Does Voting Equal Consent
23 November Trevor Hallam On the Reality of Possible Worlds
30 November David Faith Philosophy of Action
7 December Andrew Scott MacGregor Consciousness Mystified
14 December Sam Baird tba


11 January 2008                

Martin Cooke            Putting Theodicy back into the Theodicy          
18 January Robert Cowan  
25 January Sophie Ramsay Defining Nature
1 February John Donaldsen  
8 February Nigel  Hee  
15 February David Colledge  
22 February  Trevor Hallam  
29 February  Andrew MacGregor  
7 March  Sam Baird  
14 March Kile Jones  
11 April Kile Jones  
18 April Ross Heatherington "Reciprocity Principles and the Sense of Justice in Rawls"
25 April Akiko Frischhut "Crosstemporal Relations and a Problem for the Presentist"
2 May Srdjan Grbic "Mary's Room"
9 May Sarah Honeychurch "Psychopathy, Empathy and Moral Reasoning"
16 May David Uings "Searle, Consciousness and Mind"
23 May Robert Cowan "The Consensus Condition"
30 May John Donaldson "Causalism, Interpretationism and the Cartesian Chokehold"
6 June Jacek Brzozowski (Australian National University)  

Senior Seminar Programme 2007-2008

        25th September:            Prof. John O’Neill (Manchester), ‘Citizenship, well-being and sustainability: Epicurus or Aristotle?’

        2nd October:                 Dr Sonia Roca Royes (Stirling), ‘Mind-independence and modal empiricism’

        9th October:                  Dr Lisa Bortolotti (Birmingham), ‘The paradox of delusions’

        16th October:                Prof. Jessica Brown (St Andrews), ‘Knowledge and practical reasoning’

        23rd October:                Dr Clare Chambers (Jesus College, Cambridge), ‘Coercive redistribution and public agreement:

                                                re-evaluating the libertarian challenge of charity’

        6th November:              Prof. Dave Archard (Lancaster), ‘Why exactly is the existence of the family a problem for justice?’

        13th November:            Dr Arif Ahmed (Girton College, Cambridge), ‘Objects and predication’

        20th November:            Prof. Stewart Shapiro (Ohio State University), ‘Vagueness, metaphysics, and objectivity’

        27th November:            Prof Alan Carter (Glasgow), ‘A plurality of values’

        4th December:              Prof. Graham Priest (Melbourne), ‘The closing of the mind:                                                                                                               how the particular quantifier became existentially loaded behind our backs’

        11th December:             Dr Mazviita Chirimuuta (Monash), ‘How new is the ecological view of colour?’

        8th January:                   Dr Alison Stone (Lancaster), 'Feminist doubts about biological sex'

        15th January:                 Hannah Dawson (Edinburgh) 'Locke on language and politics'

        22nd January:                Dr Jim Levine (Trinity College Dublin) ;Modal Logics and the Show/Say Distinction'

        5th February:                 Prof. Peter Goldie (Manchester), 'The mess inside: sentiment, self-knowledge, and sincerity'

        12th February:               Prof. David Evans (Queens, Belfast), 'The Conflict of the Faculties and the Knowledge Industry: Kant’s diagnosis, in his time and ours'

        19th February:               Prof. Robin Le Poidevin (Leeds), 'The indivisibility of the mental'

        26th February:               Dr Matthew Nudds (Edinburgh), 'Phenomenology and perceptual content'

        4th March:                    Dr Nikk Effingham (Glasgow), 'Cultural Prejudice and the Plenitude Principle'

        11th March:                  Prof. Gail Fine (Cornell), 'Aristotle’s Reply to Meno’s Paradox'

        12th March:                  Prof. Terence Irwin (Keble College, Oxford) 'Sidgwick's revision of rationalism'* ^

        8th April:                       Prof. Herman Cappelen (St Andrews), 'Interpretation sensitivity'^

        15th April:                     Dr Elizabeth Barnes (Leeds), 'Disability and Adaptive Preferences'^

        22nd April:                    Dr Katherine Hawley (St. Andrews), 'Structure and Identity'^

        29th April:                     Prof. Cynthia MacDonald (Queens, Belfast), 'Authoritative self-knowledge and the second-order view'**

        6th May:                       Prof. Crispin Wright (NYU/St Andrews) 'Rules, Regresses and Rational belief'**

        13th May:                     Prof. Paul Snowdon (UCL), 'The What-It-Is-Likeness of Experience'**

        20th May:                     Dr Genia Schönbaumsfeld (Southampton), 'Grammar, nonsense and the “insubstantiality” of philosophy'**

        27th May:                     Prof. Andrew Williams (Warwick) **

        ** in association with the Royal Institute of Philosophy


16 November 2007

Summer 2007

5 May 2007 Workshop:

20-22 March 2007 Conference: The Admissible Contents of Experience

Saturday 7th October 2007 Workshop: Art and the Senses (organised with Rob Hopkins) held at the University of Sheffield

Postgraduate Seminars 2006-07

  • 29 September: Tony Milligaan "False Emotions"
  • 6 October: David Spewack "The Character of Proper Names"
  • 13 October: Sarah Honeychurch "How to Throw the Baby out with the Bathwater: A Critique of Susan James"
  • 20 October: Costas Athanasopoulos "Thomas More and Augustime: Perspectives  in Utopia and Liberalism"
  • 27 October: Graham Peebles TBA
  • 3 November: Dimitris Platchias "Representatioanlism, Symmetrical Supervenience and Identity"
  • 10 November: Glen Pettigrove (Massey University) "Understanding Forgiveness"
  • 17 November Torsten Mueller MLitt 2 Presentation
  • 24 November: Alex Feldt MLitt 2 Presentation
  • 8 December: Akiko Frishhut MLitt 2 Presentation
  • 15 December Elisa Oddine MLitt 2 Presentation
  • 20 April: Gerd Watzenig "The Right to Provate Property"
  • 27 April: Sophie Ramsay TBA
  • 4 May: Graham Peebles TBA
  • 11 May: David Uings "Some Thoughts of the Computational Theory of Mind"
  • 18 May: Ioanna-MAria Patsalidou "Life After Death"
  • 25 May: Christian Maurer "Harry Frankfurt on Self Love"
  • 1 June: David Spewack TBA
  • 8 June: Stuart Crutchfield "What Are the Options for Unity of Consciousness"
  • 15  June: Christopher Reid "Hegel"

Senior Seminar Programme 2006 - 2007

  • 3rd October: Professor Tim Mulgan (St Andrews) 'The Metaphysical Case for Ananthropocentric Purposivism'
  • 10th October: Professor Brad Hooker (University of Reading) 'Some Arguments on Fairness, Need-satisfaction, and Desert'
  • 24th October: Dr Elizabeth Fricker (Magdalen College, Oxford) 'Testimony and Perception: Some Contrasts'
  • 7th November: Dr Thom Brooks (University of Newcastle) 'An Idealist Theory of Punishment'
  • 14th November: Professor David Smith (University of Sussex) 'Extreme Disjunctivism'
  • 21st November: Professor Alexander Bird (University of Bristol) 'The Structure and Necessity of the Natural Laws'
  • 28th November: Professor Alexander Miller (University of Birmingham) 'Metaethics and the Normativity of Meaning'
  • 9th January: Dr Miranda Fricker (Birkbeck College, University of London) 'The Values of Knowledge - A Genealogical Approach'
  • 16th January: Professor Andrew Williams (University of Warwick) 'Justice and Constructivism'
  • 23rd January: Dr Jason Kawall (Colgate University) 'Beliefs and Desires, Epistemology and Ethics'
  • 6th February: Professor Peter Milne (University of Stirling) ‘Cantor's Theorem and Frege's Basic Law V.’
  • 13th February: Dr Fiona Macpherson (University of Glasgow) 'Self-Knowledge, Disjunctivism and Anton's Syndrome'
  • 20th February: Professor Nick Zangwill (University of Durham) 'Normativity and the Metaphysics of Mind'
  • 27th February: Dr Mari Mikkola (University of Stirling) TBA
  • 6th March: Professor Galen Strawson (University of Reading and City University of New York Graduate Center) 'Episodic Ethics'
  • 17th April: Dr Rowan Cruft (University of Stirling) 'On the Justification of Rights'
  • 23rd April: Dr Adam Rieger (University of Glasgow) 'If I Give a Talk, It Will Be About Conditionals'
  • 1st May: Professor Udo Schuklenk (Glasgow Caledonian University) 'Rethinking Mandatory HIV Testing During Pregnancy in High HIV-prevalenceRegions: Ethical and Policy Issues'
  • 8th May: Dr Michael Brady (University of Glasgow) 'The Irrationality of Recalcitrant Emotions'
  • 15th May - Hurkka workshop
  • 22nd May: Professor John Hawthorne (Waynflete Professor of Metaphysical Philosophy, Magdalen College, University of Oxford) 'Agreement and the New Relativism'
  • 29th May: Professor Catherine Wilson (CUNY) 'Is Truth the Aim of Moral Enquiry?'
  • 5th June: Dr  Matthew Soteriou (University of Warwick) 'The Epistemological Role of Episodic Recollection'