25 Years In Contradiction

Published: 18 July 2012

This conference marks the 25th anniversary of the publication of Graham Priest’s In Contradiction. Date: 7th-9th December 2012.

Date: 7th-9th December 2012red book cover with title in contradiction

Location: University of Glasgow

Organisers: Dr Adam Rieger and Gareth Young

Contacts: Adam Rieger (a.rieger@philosophy.ac.uk) and Gareth Young (g.young.3@research.gla.ac.uk)

Details: This conference marks the 25th anniversary of the publication of Graham Priest’s In Contradiction. It is hosted by the School of Humanities at the University of Glasgow with the support of the Scots Philosophical Association and the Analysis Trust.

In Contradiction is the first serious defence of the view that there are true contradictions (dialetheism), as a response to the paradoxes of self-reference. The transition of dialetheism from a view on the ‘lunatic fringe’, to be dismissed with an incredulous stare, to one of the major players in the debate surrounding truth and paradox, is one of the most significant developments in philosophical logic of the last 30 years. Priest’s work and, in particular, In Contradiction has been central to the development of dialetheism, with the latter (now expanded in its second edition) still regarded as the view’s canonical text.

In this conference, we wish to mark the 25th anniversary of In Contradiction by hosting a selection of papers assessing the state of the art for dialetheism, the problems it faces and avenues for future research.


JC Beall 'Free of detachment: logic, rationality, and gluts'
Graham Priest 'Contradiction, Language and the World'
Stewart Shapiro 'Inconsistency and Incompleteness, revisited'
Alan Weir 'Rejection, Denial, Falsity: A negative appraisal of dialetheism’

Can Baskent 'Dialetheism and a Game Theoretical Paradox'
Francesco Berto 'Exclusion vs. Explosion: Going Predicative?'
Ben Burgis & Otavio Bueno 'Liars with Curry: Why Dialetheists Violate the Principle of Uniform Solution'
Annalisa Coliva & Sebastiano Moruzzi 'Relativism in Contradiction?'
Aaron Cotnoir 'Inconsistent Boundaries of Ordinary Objects: Towards a Paraconsistent Mereotopology'
Kevin De Lapp 'Deontic Dialetheism'
Hitoshi Omori 'Remarks on Naïve Set Theory Based on LP'
Diego Tajer 'Dialetheism and the Curry-Validity Paradox'
Karin Verelst 'Zeno’s Paradoxes. A Cardinal Problem'
Gareth Young 'A Revenge Problem for Dialetheism'


Registration for the conference is now open.

The registration fee is £40 (£20 for graduate students), which should be paid by cash or cheque on the first day of the conference, along with the following amounts for any conference meals (not including drinks):
Friday Dinner - £15
Saturday Lunch - £15
Saturday Conference Dinner - £30
Sunday Lunch - £15
Delegates should register their attendance by emailing Gareth Young at g.young.3@research.gla.ac.uk specifying which conference meals they wish to attend as well as any dietary requirements.
Since spaces at conference meals may be limited, we advise those who wish to attend meals to register sooner rather than later. The registration deadline for those attending meals is Thursday 22 November.
The final deadline for conference registration is Friday 30 November.

First published: 18 July 2012

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