The new Sighthill (2022 and beyond)

New Sighthill stone circle visualisation

The renewal of the stone circle in this new incarnation is a paradox. The same stones, the same graffiti, even to some extent the same layout, have been retained. But the location is different, only a few hundred metres from the original site. This is a demonstrably a different place now and into the future as well, a landscape improved and greener but there are also opportunities for renewed relationships between people, place and standing stones. Duncan Lunan has created a new contract between the sky and the land, but this new megalith is also a contract in stone between the people of Glasgow and their heritage. Some of the original inhabitants of Sighthill will be back, and the circle will perhaps offer a sense of familiarity and home. Others will be new to the area and to Glasgow, with the megalith the starting point to explore a rich local heritage. The new stone circle like the new Sighthill will be functional, it can be used, it is possible to understand why it was built. This is what renewal is all about. Renewal sometimes comes with reconfiguration but with expectation of a better future. Let the future of Sighthill 2.0 emerge from the roots of a rich, complex, problematic, colourful, dangerous, edgy, very Glaswegian past.