This exhibition is presented as part of the University of Glasgow’s COP26 Festival Hub at Being Human, the UK’s only national festival of the humanities, taking place 11–20 November 2021.

We are very grateful to Duncan Lunan for supplying images and information that have helped in preparing this exhibition and for commenting on the text. Thanks also to the Glasgow Motorway Archive for giving permission to reproduce images from their amazing archive. We would also like to thank Casi Dylan for all of her support throughout this process. Huge thanks to Christelle Le Riguer for creating this webpage and for research and image sourcing work undertaken by Rebecca Younger.

Kenny Brophy is a senior lecturer in archaeology at the University of Glasgow with a research interest in the contemporary archaeology of prehistory. He blogs as the urban prehistorian

Helen Green is an archaeologist, impact officer and affiliate researcher at the University of Glasgow, with research interests in cultural heritage theory, policy and practice.

Rebecca Younger is a research assistant at the University of Glasgow, and is interested in prehistoric, contemporary and replica monuments and their 'biographies'.