William G. Lycan Philosophy of Mind Seminars

The Centre for the Study of Perceptual Experience is pleased to host the distinguished philosopher of mind Professor William G. Lycan (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), who will present the following seminars:

  • Monday 7th March, 4–5:30pm: ‘The Intentionality of Smell’
    Respondent: Dr. David Simmons (University of Glasgow, Psychology)
    Psychology Level 6 Meeting Room, 58 Hillhead Street, Glasgow, G12 8QB
  • Tuesday 8th March, 2–4pm: ‘“Propositional” Attitudes?’
    Jebb Room (Room 316), 65 Oakfield Avenue, Glasgow, G12 8LP

Professor Lycan is the author of eight books and more than one hundred articles that cover a wide range of philosophical issues. His main contribution to the philosophy of mind is a distinctive version of functionalism, which has been influential in the debate about theories of consciousness.

Registration is not required, but it would be helpful if you could confirm attendance at the Tuesday seminar, which is specifically geared towards graduate students, by email, background reading for which may be found here. The seminar on the 7th will also be followed a complimentary cheese and wine reception. All welcome.

Further information about these and future PPN Research Seminar talks may be found on the CSPE website.

First published: 2 March 2016

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