Roman Law for Classicists and Historians

Roman Law for Classicists and Historians

A one-day workshop for PhD students, funded by the Scottish Graduate School for Arts and Humanities

University of Glasgow, April 22nd, 2015 Murray Room, 65 Oakfield Avenue


11  Welcome and Introduction: Catherine Steel (University of Glasgow)
11.10-1.10 An introduction to Roman Law
11.10 Paul du Plessis (University of Edinburgh)  An Introduction to Roman Law
12.10 Jill Harries (University of St. Andrews) Reading the Digest
1.10-2  Sandwich Lunch



Roman Law in historical research: case studies
  • 2pm: Georgy Kantor (St. John’s College, Oxford) The Leges Portorii from Ephesus and Andriake
  • 3pm: Gianluca Raccagni (University of Edinburgh) Empire, lords and city republics: the role of medieval legal works in the battles over the legacy of the Magna Carta of the Lombard cities
  • 4pm: Cornelius Riethdorf (Peterhouse, Cambridge) Citizenship, Exile and Natural Rights in Medieval Roman Law

First published: 25 March 2015

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