Humanities Gender Equality Committee

Created in 2017, the Gender Equality Committee leads efforts to advance gender equality in the School and, in particular, oversees the implementation of the School’s Athena SWAN action plan.  The committee comprises the four subgroups below.  If you want to discuss anything within the committee’s remit, please contact either the Gender Equality Officer or one of the four subgroup leads.

There is also a GEC Moodle page, primarily for GEC members.

Group A. Athena Swan, School Culture, School Culture Survey

  • Jane Draycott (Classics, R&T) - Gender Equality Officer and Lead
  • Christelle Le Riguer (Humanities MPA) - clerk
  • Leo Konstantelos (Information Studies, R&T) - Data Person

Group B. Students: UG and PG

  • Steve Marritt (History, R&T) - Lead
  • Stephen Harrison (Archaeology, R&T)
  • Jane Draycott (Classics, R&T, LKAS )
  • Rebecca Mason (History, PGR)
  • Ruth Burke (Humanities MPA)
  • Natalia Tsoumpra (Classics, LT)

Group C. Staff: Recruitment and New Starters

  • Tany Cheadle (History, R&T) - Lead
  • Lynn Abrams (History, R&T)
  • Sarah Kuenzler (Celtic & Gaelic, R&T, BA Postdoc)
  • Leigh-Ann Dragsnes (Humanities MPA)
  • Chris Kelp (Philosophy, R&T)

Group D. Staff: Promotion, Career Development, and Maternity

  • Mona Simion (Philosophy, R&T) - Lead
  • Adam Carter (Philosophy, R&T )
  • Michael Brady (Philosophy, R&T) (Head of School)
  • Jenny Hutcheson (Humanities MPA)
  • Catriona Macleod (History, LT)