Diversity and inclusion

We are committed to developing, maintaining and supporting a culture of diversity and inclusion for all staff and students within our School, including the promotion of our discipline to women and other minority groups.

We aim to create an environment where all staff and students - regardless of any protected characteristics as defined by the Equality Act 2010* - are welcome and included. and where discriminatory attitudes and behaviour are not tolerated. 

This is in alignment with the University of Glasgow’s Equality and Diversity Policy which states ‘The University aims to create a learning and working environment based on fostering good relations between all people, with a shared commitment to promoting respect for all, and challenging and preventing stereotyping, prejudice, discrimination and harassment’ and supports the recommendation that the University ‘strive to increase the racial diversity of students and staff’ as made by the University of Glasgow History of Slavery Steering Committee in 2018, and subsequently supported by the publications of the Understanding Racism, Transforming University Cultures report and associated Action Plan in 2021.

* Protected characteristics include age, sex, sexual orientation, disabilities, race, religion or belief and gender reassignment.