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Research Reports or Papers

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Conference or Workshop Item

Baillie, A., Skivington, K. , Fergie, G. and Mackenzie, M. (2022) Participatory and Deliberative Processes in the UK Related to Income Insecurity: a Scoping Review. Public Health Science 2021. Lancet 400(Supplement 1). S18, 26 Nov 2021. (doi: 10.1016/S0140-6736(22)02228-0)

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Conference Proceedings

Shaw, R. , Harron, K., Pescarini, J., Júnior, E., Siroky, A., Campbell, D. , Dundas, R. , Ichihara, M. Y., Barreto, M. and Katikireddi, V. (2022) Biases Arising from Using Linked Administrative Data for Research: A Conceptual Framework from Registration to Analysis. In: 2022 International Population Data Linkage, Edinburgh, UK, 7-9 Sept 2022, (doi: 10.23889/ijpds.v7i3.1800)

Shin, H. , Cagnina, C. and Basiri, A. (2022) The Impact of Built Environment on Bike Commuting: Utilising Strava Bike Data and Geographically Weighted Models. In: 25th AGILE Conference on Geographic Information Science “Artificial Intelligence in the service of Geospatial Technologies”, Vilnius, Lithuania, 14-17 June 2022, p. 15. (doi: 10.5194/agile-giss-3-15-2022)

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