"Let's talk about race in the workplace" UofG online course recommended for all in IHW

Racism is not just about explicit racist language, abuse or discrimination – it can take the form of inequality and inadvertent bias ingrained in the way organisations and society is run. 

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UofG's Equality and Diversity Unit has provided a short online training course in Moodle that aims to support staff to consciously and proactively address racial bias in the workplace, and we encourage everyone in IHW to complete.

The course is split into 5 parts:

  1. Systemic Racial Biases vs Explicit Racist Behaviour
    An exploration of these behaviours and how they may manifest in organisations
  2. Unconscious racial bias
    A brief introduction to this topic and how it can impact on racial inequality in the workplace
  3. White privilege
    Focuses on the aspects of white privilege that relates to the workplace.
  4. Racial microaggressions
    Typical examples of racial microaggression found in the workplace
  5. Tokenism
    Superficial responses by employers to avoid real action and mask inactivity.

We urge all members of staff to complete this training, which should take approximately 30 minutes.

Content warning Uncompromising in setting out the facts and thinking around systemic racism in organisations, the content and discussion in this training covers themes of racism and racial harassment, including detailed accounts of lived experiences of racial harassment and the detrimental effects of this to physical and mental health. If you require support relating to the themes of the training, please visit Equality and Diversity's support and resources to find both internal and external resources.

You can work through the course at your own speed. You can also stop the course at any point and resume later from that same point. The course has a number of interactive elements throughout. As long as all sections have been completed, a certificate of completion will be issued at the end of the course.

** Remember to print and keep your completion certificate for your records **

A full transcript of the course content, in MS Word format, can be downloaded from the first slide.

Access this course in Moodle 

First published: 2 May 2018