Volunteers sought for consultation on dignity at work

The IHW Athena Swan staff consultation group is seeking volunteers to participate in short interviews as part of their consultation on "Dignity at work". The consultation seeks to understand staff awareness and experiences of issues related to Dignity at Work, including bullying, harassment and discrimination.

Photo of Professors' Square, University of Glasgow

We would like to hear from staff from all job families, to ensure a wide range of views. You do not need to have experienced issues relating to bullying, harassment or discrimination to contribute to these interviews.

All interviews are confidential and will be conducted virtually by telephone or videoconference with an interviewer who is independent of IHW, and reporting will be anonymised. We expect interviews will take approximately 30 minutes and will be scheduled to take place over April and May 2021.

University of Glasgow Dignity at Work Policy

If you are interested in taking part in a short interview as part of the consultation or would like to receive further information please contact the interviewer directly at anna.clover@glasgow.ac.uk 

First published: 2 May 2018