Past Hub Mondays

Published: 23 October 2023

Join us on Mondays 10am-12pm to check out our space and network with other groups!

An image of three Byres Hub volunteers, two are wearing their volunteer t-shirts

Our Hub Mondays are a chance for groups to come in and see the space. If you’re new to our Hub, or if you’re already familiar with us, come and pop in! There will be tea and coffee, an opportunity to chat to our Hub volunteers and network, and dedicated time to see the Byres Community Hub space and our public spaces in Clarice Pears.


10am: welcome with tea, coffee, and biscuits

10.30am: Tour of our Hub and Clarice Pears building

11am: Topic presented by a researcher or community partner and open discussion/networking


In the community consultation to develop what became Byres Community Hub, ‘advice for community organisations undertaking own research’ was one of key things that respondents wanted to see provided through the hub.  Participants in our coproduction workshop wanted to see the space used to facilitate research collaborations between academics and community organisations and the Hub was envisaged as a platform to ‘bring people together with similar interests’ and for ‘mutual skill sharing’.

A focus group participant said:

‘We’re all in these little silos of research in the community, whereas the community should be at the centre. And if it has that kind of ethos, where the community can have their say, they can influence, and are the power then I think that would be the unique selling point.’ 

So our Hub Mondays are also a means to facilitate networking between community, between university and between community and university.  They help realise the goals within our consultation and bring more skills, knowledge and experience in our research.  So if you have something you would like to talk through or make connections, we hope you can join us at one soon. 


Please find below a list of past topics discussed at previous Hub Mondays:

  • General Practice and Primary Care’s Dr Shona MacKinnon spoke to us about her own career path to School of Health and Wellbeing, what a Clinical Academic is, GPs at the Deep End and the importance of community collaboration in research
  • We discussed the Glasgow Science Festival 2023 SHW community event
  • Poverty awareness for research and engagement activities
  • Wellbeing for the working age population
  • Small data: hints and tips for data management
  • Substance use, health and wellbeing
  • Trama Informed Practice

First published: 23 October 2023

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