Rights in Action Photovoice Exhibition

Published: 3 October 2023

An exhibition from the Rights in Action project by the Poverty Alliance, in partnership with Maryhill Integration Network, that aims to raise awareness of the impact of migration on mental health and wellbeing. On display for the duration of the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival 4th October - 22nd October 2023.

This very personal exhibition, by people seeking asylum now living in Scotland, expresses, in their own words and photographs, the feelings of isolation, depression and anxiety through images that range from beautiful personal art to Glasgow landscapes.

As part of Rights in Action, Maryhill Integration Network partnered with the Poverty Alliance. They have worked with a group of four community researchers, Ismail, Juliet, Mohammed and Sekou on a participatory research project examining mental health and wellbeing concerns faced by people seeking asylum in Scotland.

Using a participatory research approach underpinned by a focus on human rights, this work explores the ‘Right to Health’ and looks at how the asylum process affects mental health and wellbeing. This research draws on interviews and photo data to highlight key themes and areas for change.

There will also be the display of ‘Right to Work - Voices of the People’ animation highlighting the impact of not being able to work for people seeking asylum created by members of the MIN Voices group.



First published: 3 October 2023

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