We have the following facilities at the University of Glasgow Cosmogenic Nuclide Facility

Crushing & Milling

Here, at the University of Glasgow, we have full rock crushing and grinding facilities.‌

Samples are brought in from the field and can be crushed to a wide range of grain sizes using our Rock Crusher, Disc Mill and selection of sieves with shaker.

This laboratory has full dust extraction equipment, as well as air filter face masks.


Wet Laboratories

The wet and dry laboratories at the University of Glasgow Cosmogenic Nuclide facility have full capabilities for a wide range of methods.

The main processes we use are:

  • HCl/HNO3 Carbonate dissolution
  • Floatation
  • Pyrophosphoric feldspar digestion
  • HF leaching

Magnetic Separation

Vertical Frantz magnetic barrier seperator

We have both Vertical Franz and Horizantal Franz magnetic separators

Horizontal Frantz Magnetic Seperator

AAS Determination

Industrial Users

The School houses a wide range of analytical equipment in support of research and teaching. Industrial users are also welcome, and should in the first instance contact the School administrator, Ms Dawn Stewart.