Mirren Green's 'Fun with Zircon' video sparkles

Published: 26 July 2019

Mirren Green, a recent Earth Sciences graduate, has won the 'On the Rocks' geological video contest, hosted by Società Geologica Italiana.

Mirren Green, who this summer graduated with a BSc in Earth Sciences, has won the 'On the Rocks' geological video contest, hosted by Società Geologica Italiana. Mirren will receive a free annual SGI (Società Geologica Italiana) 2019 membership and a contribution to travel and accommodation expenses for the award ceremony - taking place at the University of Parma in September -  as well as €1,000. Mirren did a fantastic job as competition came from across Europe.

Introducing her video, 'Fun with Zircon', Mirren said: 'This video details the first steps conducted for my honours research project as part of an Earth Science degree at the University of Glasgow. It will hopefully be the first of a three-part series; the next two installments will feature the results, once obtained. It takes the form of a short television episode presented by myself and plays with scale to highlight how geologists can use microscopic features and detailed data to infer large scale events and processes.'

First published: 26 July 2019