University of Glasgow Student Wins IET Rising Star Award 2023

Published: 17 November 2023

Mr. Daniel Mitchell, a PhD Student at the University of Glasgow studying Robotics has recieved the first place prize for IET Rising Star Award 2023.

We're very proud to announce that Mr. Daniel Mitchell won the IET Rising Star Award at the IET Innovation and Excellence Awards which took place on the 15th of November 2023. Mr. Daniel Mitchell is a final year PhD student at the University of Glasgow studying Symbiotic Multi-Robot Fleets who recently joined Caltech to conduct a 3-month research project in robotics as a Visiting Student Researcher.  

'Being shortlisted among the top five engineers was already a significant recognition, but winning this award is truly exhilarating. This achievement is not only a personal milestone but also a testament to the unwavering support and guidance from my supervisor Prof. David Flynn. His encouragement to strive for excellence has been instrumental in this success. I am grateful for the acknowledgment and excited about the opportunities that lie ahead in contributing to the field of engineering and making an impact across Robotics'

Daniel and the multi-robot fleet deployed within the SARESE Project


The IET Rising Star Award recognises an Engineer who has demonstrated over the past 12 months, excellence in engineering and innovation as well as leadership. 

Daniel is a postgraduate student who is passionate about creating inclusive and disruptive new thinking in the space of symbiotic autonomy. His Symbiotic Multi-Robot Fleets include a diverse range of robots that are coordinated to leverage the capability across an inspection mission aimed at the offshore renewable energy and nuclear sectors. In the last year he helped to organise and lead the presentation to industrial stakeholders at Sellafield Ltd the results from a successful Research Sprint Hackathon (SARESE Overview Video) in Manchester which consisted of a multi-institutional robotics event. This consisted of several month of planning to ensure the success of the event and included key responsibilities demonstrating him as a strong leader and excellent ambassador within the group. Daniel has also mentored several MSc/MEng students at the University of Glasgow, where the results of their projects can be accessed on the Smart Systems Group website.

In the past Daniel has been a vital member within the Offshore Robotics for the Certification of Assets (ORCA) Hub which led to early publication where in his second year he presented the final live multi-robot team mission to around ten industry stakeholders such as EDF, Chevron and University of Edinburgh. 

Symbiotic Multi Robot Fleet of the Future

In addition he also ensures access to the robotics community with the aim to share interesting videos of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in a fun way via TikTok. @Robot_Myths - Which has gained over 25,000+ views.

Daniel's Key Publications

  1. Lessons Learned: Symbiotic Autonomous Robot Ecosystem for Nuclear Environments- Accepted Paper Pending Publication - IET Cyber Systems and Robotics
  2. Symbiotic System of Systems Design for Safe and Resilient Autonomous Robotics in Offshore Wind Farms- IEEE Access 
  3. A review: Challenges and opportunities for artificial intelligence and robotics in the offshore wind sector- Elsevier Energy and AI Journal
  4. Daniel Mitchell Google Scholar

Key Videos

  1. A Scalable Cyber Physical Architecture for Symbiotic Multi-Robot Fleet Autonomy- ICRA 2023 Accepted in the Stand Alone Video Category- A Scalable Cyber Physical Architecture for Symbiotic Multi-Robot Fleet Autonomy
  2. Lessons Learned: Symbiotic Autonomous Robot Ecosystem for Nuclear Environments- Submit to IET Cyber Systems and Robotics 

Additional Awards

  1. Postgraduate 1st year Research Prize for 2021 from the Institute of Sensors, Signals and Systems, Heriot-Watt University-
  2. People’s Choice Award in the 1 Minute Visualize your Thesis Competition 2022-


First published: 17 November 2023