Risk Assessment Forms

On-line risk assessment forms covering either General (e.g. Mechanical, Electrical, Laser, etc), predominantly Chemical or predominantly Biological activities are available at the following URL:

Note, assessments should contain sufficient details of the procedures that will be followed, so that someone (e.g. your supervisor) can judge that you have made a reasonable assessment of the risks and put suitable mitigations in place.  At the back of your mind, you could have the thought 'if something goes seriously wrong, what would the person investigating expect to be able to see in the way of documentation to demonstrate that I had considered what might be thought to be obvious risks'. (see https://www.hse.gov.uk/managing/delivering/do/profiling/the-law.htm and associated links; in some instances, mitigation of common risks can be covered by a good laboratory code of practice).

The assessments will be approved by your supervisor and reviewed by both the Lab Guardian to check there are no conflicts with other activities within the laboratory, and the Director of Safety to provide a light touch overview of the level of procedural details given and hazards involved.

When all three persons have viewed and accepted the form, the status flag on the website will change from 'Pending' to 'Approved'. During this process however, you should get an 'approved' e-mail when your supervisor is content with the assessment and approves the form; if you have any queries about whether any of the people above have viewed a form, please contact Andrew.Glidle@gla.ac.uk.

Finally, if you find that the activity you are undertaking doesn’t fall within the scope of one or other of these forms, contact the Safety Co-ordinator or Director for advice.

Completed forms

Completed forms can be viewed at either:

or, in the case of older forms, on the JWNC website:

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Work Experience Risk Assessment forms: