Dr Petra Johana Poncarova

  • Marie Curie Fellow (Scottish Literature)


Petra Johana Poncarová is a Marie Curie Fellow at the University of Glasgow. She serves as secretary of the International Association for the Study of Scottish Literatures and is one of the co-directors of Ionad Eòghainn MhicLachlainn | National Centre for Gaelic Translation. She was the manager of the 3rd World Congress of Scottish Literatures (Prague, 2022).

With the ASL, she published a Scotnote on Thomson’s Gaelic poetry in 2020, and her monograph Derick Thomson and the Gaelic Revival is forthcoming from the Edinburgh University Press. 

The project ERSKINE, supported by Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, guaranteed by UKRI, and carried out at the University of Glasgow in 2023-2025, explores the Gaelic magazines founded by Ruaraidh Erskine of Mar in the first decades of the twentieth century and their impact on the development of Gaelic literature and Scottish national movement.

Selected research outcomes related to the project: