Ms Lena Wanggren

  • Teaching as an affiliate in Englisg Literature (School of Critical Studies)

Research interests

As a researcher and teacher primarily working on nineteenth-century literature and culture, as well as in the field of gender studies, I have published on literature and medicine, gender and science/technology, and a number of works on intersectionality, feminism and social justice. Having finished my PhD (2012) at the University of Edinburgh, I have held a number of postdoctoral positions primarily in the areas of book history and textual editing.

I am currently working as Research Assistant on Dr Megan Coyer's project on Scottish literature and medicine.


Selected publications



Gender, Technology and the New Woman. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2017.

Corporeality and Culture: Bodies in Movement. Co-edited with Karin Sellberg and Kamillea Aghtan. Aldershot: Ashgate, 2015.


Journal articles

‘Feminist trade unionism and post-work imaginaries.’ Applied Social Theory 1.2 (2018): 102-124. Special Issue: Futures & Fractures in Feminist & Queer Education.

‘Precarious Responsibility: Teaching with Feminist Politics in the Marketized University.’ Journal of Feminist Scholarship 14 (2018): 1-24.

‘Our Stories Matter: Storytelling and Social Justice in the Hollaback! Movement.’ Gender and Education 28.3 (2016): 401-415. Special Issue: If not now, when? Feminism in contemporary activist, social and educational contexts.

‘“The Doctors of Hoyland”: Gender and Modernity in Conan Doyle’s Medical Stories.’ OScholars (2015). Special Issue: Arthur Conan Doyle.

‘Intersectionality and Dissensus: A Negotiation of the Feminist Classroom.’ With Karin Sellberg. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion 31.5/6 (2012): 542-555. Special Issue: Being a Feminist Academic.


Book chapters

‘Trade unionism as collective education.’ Public Sociology as Educational Practice: Challenges, Dialogues and Counter-Publics. Ed. Eurig Scandrett. Bristol: Policy Press, 2020 (forthcoming).

‘Disability in government-controlled media and legislation in Malawi 2012-2019.’ With Sarah Huque, Limbani Kachali, and Jen Remnant. Disability and Media – African perspectives. Ed. Mike Kent and Tafadzwa Rugoho. 2020 (forthcoming).

‘Questioning the Semiotics of Loss: Gender, Power and Amputation Narratives.’ Amputation in Literature and Film: Phantom Limbs, Prosthetic Relations, and the Semiotics of ‘Loss’. Ed. Erik Grayson and Maren Scheurer. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2020 (forthcoming).

‘Feminist Work in Academia and Beyond.’ With Órla Murray and Muireann Crowley. Being an Early Career Feminist Academic: Global Perspectives, Experiences, and Challenges. Ed. Rachel Thwaites and Amy Godoy-Pressland. London: Palgrave, 2016. 215-235.

‘Political Technologies of Embodiment.’ Corporeality and Culture: Bodies in Movement. Ed. Lena Wånggren, Karin Sellberg, and Kamillea Aghtan. Aldershot: Ashgate, 2015. 109-114.

‘The “Freedom Machine”: The New Woman and the Bicycle.’ Transport in British Fiction: Technologies of Movement, 1840-1940. Ed. Adrienne Gavin & Andrew Humphries. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015. 123-135.

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‘Death and Desire: Female Necrophilia as Gender Transgression.’ Transgression and Its Limits. Ed. Matt Foley, Neil McRobert, & Aspasia Stephanou. Newcastle Upon Tyne: CSP, 2012. 71-81.


Chapters in handbooks

‘Feminist Utopias.’ The Literary Encyclopedia 3.1. [online handbook]. 2018. []

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