Dr Anna McFarlane

  • British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow (English Literature)

Research interests

My research interests are at the intersections of medical humanities and science fiction. I am the blog editor for the journal BMJ Medical Humanities and, in 2016, I held a Wellcome Trust Small Grant Award for a project entitled 'Nursing, Reproduction, and Writing: Naomi Mitchison’s Science Fiction as Activism’. I spent 18 months as the research assistant on the Science Fiction and the Medical Humanities project at the University of Glasgow working alongside Dr Gavin Miller before taking up my position as a postdoctoral fellow. My thesis focused on psychological discourses in William Gibson's cyberpunk science fiction and I have also published on Scottish literature, contemporary literature, and film. 


May 2017: British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship. ‘Products of Conception: Pregnancy in Science Fiction 1968-2015’. October 2017 – September 2020. £315,973. Principal Investigator. 

May 2017: Being Human Festival. November 2017. £380. Co-Investigator. Funding for events to be held 24th November 2017, ‘Write the Future: Science Fiction Writing Workshop’ and ‘Lost Limbs and Posthuman Enhancement’.

Jan 2016: Wellcome Trust Medical Humanities Small Grant Award. ‘Nursing, Reproduction, and Writing: Naomi Mitchison’s Science Fiction as Activism’. March 2016 – June 2016. £1534. Principal Investigator. I undertook archival research in the Wellcome Trust Library (London) and the National Library of Scotland (Edinburgh). 

Jul 2013: Feminist and Women’s Studies Association UK Small Grants Award 2013. ‘Smashing the Patriarchy in 100,000 Words: Feminism in Academic Theses’. October 2013 – January 2014. £250. Co-Investigator.


Honours Module: Science Fiction, 1945 - Present

Honours Module: Literary Theory


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