Work in Progress Seminar

Are you looking for feedback on your research topic?  Would you like to join other Postgraduates
to discuss similar topics to your own?  Do you want a forum to present writing for your thesis
or conference paper?  If so, why not come along the School of Critical Studies Work in Progress Sessions.
These are (near) weekly panels, chaired by postgraduates from English Language, English Literature, Scottish Literature and Theology and Religious Studies.  Papers are invited from both Postgraduate students and academic staff.
We welcome ideas for papers, either individual or joint, which are related to any of these subject areas.  
Alternatively, if you simply want to attend our sessions, please subscribe to our mailing list via the email below.  
These sessions are informal, yet innovative; papers last no more than 20 minutes and there is usually time for a
constructive discussion on the presentations.

Work in Progress meetings are held at 1pm on a Friday during term time, in the Edwin Morgan Creative Writing room,
5/101, University Gardens.   As the names suggests, the emphasis is on developing work that is ongoing,
and ideally, these sessions provide useful feedback and guidance to the researchers speaking on their work.  

Writers and topics from last term included:

  •  Post-war American poetry;
  • Virginia Woolf;
  • Highland Places Names;
  • Robert Burns;
  • Writing about AIDS in America;
  • Hugh MacDiarmid;
  • Lesbian Oral Testimony in Scotland 1950s-1960s;
  • A History of Doric;
  • Narrative and Interactive Media;
  • Nabokov and Soviet Ideology;
  • Scots Language and James VI.

It should be advised that there is no strict format for presenting papers, as these can either be drafted
pieces of writing which are headed for publication, or a loose set of topics and questions that the
researcher wants to explore through discussion.  Given that these sessions take place during lunchtime,
all who come along are welcome to bring food and drink with them.  When the term begins a detailed
list of speakers and papers will be circulated.   

Please direct any questions you may have regarding our sessions to the following email address: