Piers Plowman Reading Group

This group meets to read and discuss William Langland's dazzlingly encyclopedic fourteenth-century alliterative poem. We work through the text very slowly in the original Middle English and encourage responses of any kind from the learned to the lewd. The group so far has included medievalists, renaissance scholars, specialists in modern literature, historians, archivists, postgraduate students from a variety of disciplines and enthusiastic undergraduates. We meet on Monday mornings at 10 a.m. during term-time and on selected other occasions. From time to time visiting experts (e.g. Derek Pearsall, David Benson, Ralph Hanna) have been invited to share their knowledge of the poem with us.

We meet in Prof Elizabeth Robertson's office, Room 14 of 12 University gardens.

Everyone is welcome at any time and no previous knowledge of the poem or of Middle English is required.

For more information please contact Prof Elizabeth Robertson