GULP lab lunch

The Glasgow University Laboratory of Phonetics (GULP) hosts a regular 'lab lunch' research meeting during semester, and occasionally throughout vacations. The purpose of lab lunch is to provide an informal but focussed environment for the presentation and discussion of research in Phonetics, Sociophonetics and Sociolinguistics, carried out by members of the lab and associated colleagues across the University (e.g. Psychology, Computing Science, Celtic and Gaelic), and research visitors. We enjoy listening and contributing to the discussion of research at all stages, from ideas, plans and outlines, to rehearsals for conference talks and finished papers. Lab lunch has hosted guests at all stages of their research from the UK and across the world. Recent speakers include Mohamed Chetouani (Paris), Didier Demolin (Grenoble), John Esling (Victoria), Emmanuel Ferragne (Paris/Lyon), Thomas Jauriberry (Strasbourg), Sam Kirkham (Lancaster), Lauren Hall-Lew (Edinburgh), Jen Hay (ChristChurch, New Zealand), Andrew MacFarlane (ChristChurch NZ), John Ohala (Berkeley), Ichiro Ota (Kagoshima), Nicolai Pharao (Copenhagen), Daniela Sammler (Leipzig), Dom Watt (York).

 For more details, and if you would like to present work at lab lunch, please contact Jane Stuart-Smith.