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Biblical Interpretation

The Biblical Interpretation Research Cluster brings together scholars at the University of Glasgow who work on a variety of aspects of how the words of biblical (Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and New Testament) texts have been given expression in subsequent history up to the present. The activities of the research cluster center on the interests of the core members and work from where their interests and expertise overlap: Mark Elliott, Professor of Divinity and Biblical Criticism: exegesis in historical context and biblical theology; Sean Adams, a specialist in genre theory, ancient education, and Hellenistic Judaism; Jonathan Birch, who works on the history and politics of biblical interpretation, especially in early modern philosophical contexts ; Zanne Domoney-Lyttle, who writes on feminist biblical interpretation and biblical reception; and Sarah Nicholson, whose interests are in feminist and queer approaches to the Bible. We organise regular seminars in biblical studies and are developing critical avenues for collaborative research in the field, even as we meet on a monthly basis as a group of five.

Associated Staff

Associated Staff

Current & Previous Research

Current and previous research students in Biblical Studies have worked on topics that include:

  • Matthew's Gospel and Christian origins
  • The Bible and Darwinism in 20th Century Britain
  • Biblical studies and methodological naturalism
  • A historical exploration of the development of Calvin’s biblical doctrine of providence
  • The Son is Truly Son: The Trinitarian and Christological Theology of Eusebius of Caesarea
  • Dream Narratives in Antiquity
  • Paul and Ecological Hermeneutics
  • Education and Scripture
  • Septuagint Ezekiel
  • Verb Renderings in Greek Psalms
  • Covenant Language in the Pentateuch
  • The Gospels and Ancient Biography
  • Lucifer in contemporary culture
  • Muriel Spark’s biblical intertexts
  • Themes of dwelling and wandering in Genesis
  • Queer themes and intertexts in Jonah
  • Wenceslaus Hollar’s etchings as sequential art
  • Biblical women in belle époque painting
  • Matriarchs and motherhood in R. Crumb’s Genesis