Below is the alphabetised listing of all who held commissioned rank in the armies of the Jacobite cause, or those who held such rank in other armies and were actively associated with that cause.

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[Jacobite army units]

[Dataset classifications]


Jacobite army units

1689-91, Ireland

  • General Officer Commanding: Captain-General the Duke of Tyrconnell
  • Generals in the French service: Le Comte Lauzan, Maréchal Rosen, Marquis de St Ruth
  • General of Horse and Lieutenant-General: Patrick Sarsfield
  • Lieutenant-Generals: The Duke of Berwick, The Geraldine, Richard Hamilton, Dominic Sheldon, de Tasse, d’Usson.
  • Major-Generals: Lord Abercorn, Boisselau, William Dorrington, Anthony Hamilton, John Hamilton, Leahy, John Parker, Prendergast, Lord Sutherland, John Wauchop
  • Brigadiers: Francis Carroll, Earl of Lewin, Lord Galmoy, Thomas Maxwell, Gordon O’Neill, Henry O’Neill, Nicholas Purcell, William Tuite, Francis Wauchope
  • Advocate-General: Sir Felix O’Neill
  • Muster Master General: Solomon Slater
  • Comptroller of the Muster: Robert Fitzgerald
  • Paymaster-General: Sir Michael Creagh
  • Receivers-General: Sir Henry Bond, Louis Doe
  • Surgeon-General: Patrick (or Robert) Archibald


Foot (36-40000)

  • 1st and 2nd battalions, the King’s Regiment of Guards
  • 1st and 2nd battalions, the Queen’s Regiment of Guards
  • The King’s
  • Lord Abercorn’s
  • Earl of Antrim’s
  • Earl of Clancarty’s
  • Earl of Clanricarde’s
  • Earl of Tyrone’s
  • Earl of Westmeath’s, late Colonel Francis O’Toole’s
  • Francis O’Toole’s
  • Lord John Bellew’s
  • Lord Bophin’s/John Bourke’s
  • Lord Clare’s
  • Lord Fitzjames’s
  • Lord Iveagh’s
  • Lord Galway’s
  • Lord Gormanston’s
  • 1st and 2nd battalions, Lord Grand Prior’s Regiment of Marines
  • Lord Hunsdon’s
  • Lord Inniskillen’s
  • Lord Kenmore’s
  • Lord Kilmallock’s
  • Lord Louth’s
  • Bryan McDermott’s
  • Edmund O’Reilly’s
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd battalions Lord Mountcashel’s
  • Lord Slane’s
  • Charles Cavenagh’s
  • Dudley Bagnall’s
  • John Barrett’s
  • Major General Boisseleau’s
  • 1st and 2nd battalions, Walter Bourke’s Athlone Foot
  • Dominic Browne’s
  • Nicholas Browne’s
  • Edward Butler’s
  • Richard Butler’s
  • Thomas Butler’s
  • Charlemont under O’Neill
  • Couririssien’s
  • Sir Michael Creagh’s
  • Henry Dillon’s
  • Sir Maurice Eustace’s
  • Finaven’s (possibly 2 battalions)
  • 1st and 2nd battalions Sir John Fitzgerald’s
  • John Grace’s
  • Major-General Hamilton’s
  • Lamarche’s
  • Owen MacCarthy’s
  • 1st and 2nd battalions Roger McElligott’s Clancarty Foot
  • Dennis McGillicuddy’s
  • Cuconnagh MacGuire’s
  • Art and Hugh MacMahon’s (2 battalions)
  • Meroje’s
  • Charles Moore’s
  • Richard Nugent’s
  • Charles O’Brien’s
  • Colonel Oliver O’Gara’s, late Colonel Iriel Farrell’s
  • Daniel O’Donovan’s
  • 1st and 2nd battalions Cormac O’Neill’s
  • Felix O’Neill’s
  • 1st and 2nd battalions Gordon O’Neill’s
  • H.J. O’Neill’s
  • Sir Heward Oxburgh’s
  • 1st and 2nd battalions John Power’s Dublin Foot
  • 1st and 2nd battalions Edmund Riley’s
  • Dominic Sheldon’s
  • 1st and 2nd battalions Zurlandren’s (possibly three battalions)
  • Brown’s Free Company
  • Hayes’ Free Company
  • Rutherford’s Free Company

Total strength: c74 infantry battalions plus some company strength units


Horse (c 7000)

  • King’s Regiment of Dragoons (Viscount Kilmallock’s)
  • Lord Clare’s Dragoons
  • Duke of Tyrconnell’s Horse
  • Brigadier Francis Carroll’s
  • Earl of Limerick’s Dragoons
  • Lord Abercorn’s Horse
  • Lord Dongan’s Dragoons
  • Lord Galmoy’s Horse
  • Lord Sutherland’s Horse
  • Carroll’s Dragoons
  • Clifford’s Dragoons
  • Cotter’s Dragoons
  • John Hamilton’s Horse
  • John Barrett’s Horse
  • Henry Luttrell’s Horse
  • Simon Luttrell’s (later Colonel of the Guards) Dragoons
  • Maxwell’s Dragoons
  • Sir Neile O’ Neile’s Dragoons
  • O’Brien’s Dragoons
  • John Parker’s Horse
  • Prendergast’s Horse
  • Purcell’s Dragoons
  • Sarsfield’ s Horse

Total strength: 21 regiments of horse and dragoons


1689-91, Scotland

  • GOC: Major-General the Viscount Dundee (to July 1689), then Colonel Cannon, Major-General Thomas Buchan of Auchmacoy


Foot (c2500-4000)

  • Earl of Antrim’s Foot (Picquets)
  • Cameron of Locheil’s
  • MacDonald of Clanranald’s
  • MacDonell of Glengarry’s
  • MacDonald of Keppoch’s
  • MacDonald of Sleat’s
  • Sir Alexander MacLean’s
  • Cormac O’Neill’s
  • Brigadier Ramsay’s
  • Robertson of Struan’s
  • Stewarts of Appin
  • Farquharson of Inverey’s Company
  • MacDonald of Glencoe’s (2 coys)

Total strength: 12 battalions plus some independent companies


Horse (50-300)

  • Dundee’s Troop
  • Plus additional levies


1692-98, Jacobite Army in France

Foot (c9500)

  • King’s Foot Guards (Lt.-Col. Dorrington CO)
  • Queen’s Regiment of Foot (Lt.-Col. Francis Wauchop and others)
  • Foot Regiment of the Marine (Col. Henry Fitjames, Duke of Albemarle)
  • Athlone Foot Regiment (Col. Sir Maurice Eustace than Walter Bourke)
  • Clancarty Foot Regiment (Col. the Earl of Clancarty and others)
  • Charlemont Foot Regiment (Col. Gordon O’Neill)
  • Dublin Regiment of Foot (Col. Simon Luttrell and others)
  • Limerick Regiment of Foot (Col. Richard Talbot, then Sir John Fitzgerald)


Horse (c2500)

  • King’s Regiment of Dragoons (Lt.-Col. Richard Bellew and others)
  • Queen’s Regiment of Dragoons (Lt.-Col. Francis O’Carroll and others)
  • Duke of Berwick’s 1st Life Guard Troop
  • Earl of Lucan’s then Earl of Clancarty’s 2nd Life Guard Troop
  • King’s Regiment of Horse (Lt.-Col. Dominick Sheldon)
  • Queen’s Regiment of Horse (Lt.-Col. Piers Butler and others)


1715, Scotland and England

  • GOC Scotland: Lt.-Gen. John Erskine, Earl of Mar
  • GOC England: Thomas Forster
  • Lieutenant-Generals: Cullen, Ecklin, Fraser, George Hamilton.
  • Major-Generals: Thomas Buchan, Gordon of Auchintoul
  • Brigadiers: Campbell, Corbet, Lord Drummond, George Keith, Earl Marischal, William Mackintosh of Borlum, Hay, Marquis of Huntly, Viscount Kenmure, Marquis of Seaforth, Marquis of Tullibardine
  • Quarter and Paymaster General: William Tunstall
  • Adjutant-General: William Clephane
  • Assistant Adjutants General: Peter Blair, Alexander Ferguson
  • General Staff: Colonels John Balfour and John Beaumont


Foot (c15000)

  • Applecross’s (Seaforth’s Brigade)
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th battalions Breadalbane’s
  • Brereton’s [English] Foot
  • Cameron of Lochiel’s
  • Drummond of Logiealmond’s (Atholl Brigade)
  • Erskine, Earl of Mar’s
  • Fairbairn’s (Seaforth’s Brigade)
  • Farquharson of Inverey’s (Atholl Brigade)
  • Forbes’
  • Fraser & Chisholm (Seaforth’s Brigade)
  • Glenbuchat’s (Huntly’s Brigade)
  • Gordon of Glenbuchat’s (Huntly’s Brigade)
  • Grants & Colquhouns
  • Innes’s (Huntly’s Brigade)
  • Leith’s (Huntly’s Brigade)
  • MacDonald of Clanranald’s
  • MacDonald of Glencoe’s
  • MacDonell of Glengarry’s
  • MacDonald of Keppoch’s
  • MacDonald of Sleat (Seaforth’s Brigade)
  • MacGregor’s
  • Mackinnon & MacLeod of Raasay’s
  • 1st and 2nd battalion Mackintosh’s (Mackintosh’s Brigade)
  • MacLean’s
  • Macpherson’s (Huntly’s Brigade)
  • 1st battalion Mar’s
  • 2nd battalion Mar’s (under Farquharson of Invercauld) (Mackintosh’s Brigade)
  • 1st and 2nd battalions the Earl Marischal’s Foot  (Marischal’s Brigade)
  • Lord Charles Murray’s (Tullibardine’s Brigade)
  • Lord George Murray’s (Tullibardine’s Brigade)
  • Lord Nairne’s (Tullibardine’s Brigade)
  • Ogilvy’s (Atholl Brigade)
  • Panmure’s (Atholl Brigade)
  • Robertson of Struan’s (Atholl Brigade)
  • Stewart of Grantully’s
  • Stewart of Invernytie’s (Atholl Brigade)
  • Strathmore’s (Atholl Brigade)
  • Strathallan’s (Atholl Brigade)
  • Grant of Glenmoriston Company
  • Graemes & Macfarlanes ?Company
  • MacDougall’s Company

Total strength: 43 battalions plus some company strength units


Horse (c2500)

  • Bannerman’s Horse Troop
  • Derwentwater’s Horse Troop
  • Douglass’s Horse Troop (Mackintosh Brigade)
  • Fraser’s Horse Troop (Seaforth’s Brigade)
  • Glenbuchat’s Horse Squadron (Huntly’s Brigade)
  • Home’s Merse Horse Troop (Mackintosh Brigade)
  • Huntly’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd Squadrons (Huntly’s Brigade)
  • Kenmure’s Horse Troop, brigaded with 4 other troops under Kenmure, brigaded with Mackintosh’s)
  • Linlithgow’s 1st and 2nd squadrons
  • Lockhart’s Horse Troop (Kenmure’s Brigade of Horse)
  • Marischal’s 1st and 2nd Horse Squadrons (Marischal’s Brigade)
  • Nairne’s Horse Troop (Kenmure’s Brigade of Horse)
  • Master of Nairn’s Perthshire Horse Squadron
  • Nithsdale’s Horse Troop (Kenmure’s Brigade of Horse)
  • Rollo’s Perthshire Horse Squadron
  • Seaforth’s Horse (troop) (Seaforth’s Brigade)
  • Sinclair’s Squadron (Huntly’s Brigade)
  • Southesk’s Angus Horse Squadron
  • Widdrington’s Horse Troop
  • Wintoun’s Horse Troop (Kenmure’s Brigade of Horse)
  • Wogan’s Horse Troop.

Total strength: 18.5 squadrons


1745, Scotland

  • GOC: HRH Prince Regent and Stewart of Scotland, Charles Edward
  • Lieutenant Generals: James Drummond, Duke of Perth, Lord John Drummond, Lord George Murray, William Murray, Marquis of Tullibardine and de jure Duke of Atholl
  • Major-Generals: William Drummond, Viscount Strathallan; John Gordon of Glenbuchat; Alexander Robertson of Struan
  • Brigadiers: John Murray, Lord Nairne, Walter Stapleton
  • General of Horse: Alexander, Lord Forbes of Pitsligo
  • Adjutant-General: Colonel John Sullivan
  • Quartermaster-Generals: Robert Anderson, Charles Fraser, Francis Gordon
  • Commissary-General: Lachlan MacLachlan of Castle Lachlan
  • Muster Master: Henry Patullo
  • Inspector of Cavalry: Colonel Sir John MacDonald
  • Inspector of Ordnance: Colonel James Grante
  • Aides-de-camp: Colonel Donald MacDonald of Kinlochmoidart, Colonel Henry Ker of Graden, Colonel Richard Warren.


Foot (7-13000)

  • Atholl’s (Atholl Brigade)
  • Bannerman’s
  • 1st and 2nd battalions Cameron of Lochiel’s
  • Cromartie’s
  • 1st and 2nd battalions Ecossais Royales
  • Forbes of Pitsligo’s Foot (see Perth’s)
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd battalions Frasers of Lovat (Master of Lovat; Charles Fraser’s; James Fraser’s)
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd battalions Lord Lewis Gordon’s (under Gordon of Avochie; Viscount Frendraught; Moir of Stoneywood)
  • Gordon of Glenbuchat’s
  • Irish Picquets (Berwick’s, Bulkeley’s, Clare’s, Dillon’s, Lally’s, Rooth’s)
  • Kilmarnock’s Foot Guards (with Kilmarnock’s Horse, Bannerman’s and Frendraught’s 2nd battalion)
  • MacDonald of Clanranald
  • MacDonald of Glencoe
  • MacDonald of Keppoch’s with Mackinnon’s
  • 1st and 2nd battalions MacDonnell of Glengarry’s
  • MacGregor of Glengyle’s
  • Lady Mackintosh’s
  • MacLean’s
  • Macpherson’s
  • Manchester Regiment
  • 1st and 2nd battalions Monaltrie’s & Balmoral
  • Murray’s (Atholl Brigade)
  • Nairne’s (Atholl Brigade)
  • 1st and 2nd battalion Ogilvy’s
  • 1st and 2nd battalions Perth’s (2nd Forbes of Pitsligo’s Foot)
  • Robertson of Drumachine’s (Atholl Brigade) including most of Robertson of Struan’s
  • Stewart of Ardsheal’s
  • Stuart’s Edinburgh Regiment
  • Ashentullie’s (2 coys, Atholl Brigade)
  • Chisholm of Strathglass’s (2 coys)
  • Logielamond’s Coy (Atholl Brigade)

Total strength: c36 battalions plus some company strength units


Horse (350-800)

  • Balmerino and Elcho’s Life Guard Squadron
  • Fitzjames’s Horse: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th squadrons (only 1st in action)
  • Forbes of Pitsligo’s Horse Squadron
  • Hussar Squadron
  • Kilmarnock’s Horse Troop (became Foot Guards)
  • Strathallan’s Perthshire Horse Squadron

Total strength: 5 operational squadrons



  • Grante’s Artillery