Centre for Robert Burns Studies in the media

Since it was established in July 2007, the Centre's conferences, high-profile performance events, publications and research excellence have ensured plenty of media and press attention.

Click on the links below to read articles about, and stemming from, the work of the Centre:

Robert Burns connections with Catholicism and Scottish seminary revealed (Scottish Catholic Observer) 25 January 2019

#TAETHEBARD Robert Burns podcasts see Scots creative voices bring The Bard into 21st century (The Scottish Sun) 23 January 2019

New podcast series launched to celebrate the life of Robert Burns (The Sunday Post) 22 January 2019

Robert Burns 'may have had bipolar disorder' (BBC) 12 June 2018

How much is Robert Burns worth to Scotland? (The Herald) 14 May 2018

Study into economic impact and potential of Robert Burns (BBC) 14 May 2018

Robert Burns' politics were 'open secret' to civil service (The Scotsman) 5 February 2018

Robert Burns hid his radical politics in plain sight, says university academic (Daily Record) 5 February 2018

Dr Pauline Mackay takes questions on the Bard! (Daily Record) 24 January 2018

Robert Burns letters ‘shed fresh ray of light’ on Scotland’s national poet (The Sunday Post) 24 January 2018 

Robert Burns was no peasant poet, he was a master of self-promotion by Murray Pittock (The Conversation) 24 January 2018

Kilwinning woman's rare collection of Burns in braille presented to university (Irvine Times) 22 October 2017

Robert Burns and the fight to end slavery (BBC) 25 January 2017

New Glasgow University project addresses debate over whether Robert Burns had bipolar disorder (The Herald) 8 January 2017 

Robert Burns songs re-recorded in their original, genteel context (The Guardian) 22 September 2016

Listen: Roberts Burns songs as they were originally intended (The Herald) 22 September 2016

Only surviving copy of rare Robert Burns manuscript on display in Paisley Museum (Daily Record) 21 January 2016

Shakespeare and Burns: two literary giants to be compared and contrasted at special conference (The Herald) 16 January 2016

How Robert Burns trod a path to the door of Scotland’s rich and influential (The Guardian) 25 January 2015 

Kirsteen McCue is first woman to address Burns club (BBC) 23 January 2015 

Was Robert Burns' infamous 'blue devilism' a sign of bipolar disorder? (The Independent) 29 May 2014

In the build-up to the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum, Dr Kirsteen McCue entered the debate on how Burns would have voted.

Nigel Leask is interviewed on Good Morning Scotland, BBC Radio Scotland, 21 June 2013, about Robert Burns and India, and the Scottish colonial experience.

'In Search of Robert Burns', STV, 22 January 2013 (8pm).  This programme included interviews with Dr Rhona Brown, Professor Nigel Leask, Dr Pauline Mackay, and Dr Kirsteen McCue. 

'Watching Ourselves: 60 Years of TV in Scotland', BBC One, 25 January 2013 (7.30pm).  This programme featured Dr Kirsteen McCue, Co-Director of the Centre for Robert Burns Studies. 

'View Wildman Kyle Falconer is the new Rabbie Burns' (The Sun)  25 January 2013

Robert Burns honoured for work as land surveyor  20 November 2012

It's the digital age for a' that (Evening Times) 3 October 2012

Database planned for Robert Burns manuscripts (BBC) 2 October 2012

Digital database with works of Robert Burns to be created (Daily Record) 2 October 2012

Robert Burns manuscripts to be stored in digital database (Scotsman) 2 October 2012

Food symbolism: why do we give food meaning? (BBC) Anna-Louise Taylor, 23 January 2012

'Today Robert Burns might have been in Barlinnie Prison writing his jail diaries' (Scotland on Sunday) Alistair Fraser, 22 January 2012

Yes, we deserve to have such a genius as Robert Burns in our midst (Herald Scotland) Nigel Leask, 20 January 2012

Robert Burns project awarded £1m grant (BBC Scotland) 20 February 2011

Robert Burns book project awarded £1m grant (Manchester Wired) 20 February 2011