Seeing Speech


Seeing Speech: Articulatory teaching resource funded by the Carnegie Trust.

Ultrasound Tongue Imaging is a safe and non-invasive technology that allows movements of the tongue to be viewed in real time during speech. This technology can make a huge contribution to the teaching of Practical Phonetics for students working in Linguistics and Speech Therapy, but is not yet widely available.

This online resource is a product of the collaboration between researchers at five Scottish Universities: The University of Glasgow, Queen Margaret University Edinburgh, the University of Strathclyde, the University of Edinburgh and the University of Aberdeen. The resource will provide teachers and students of Practical Phonetics with synchronised ultrasound video, audio and 2D/3D diagrams of modelled speech and real speech (drawn from collected UTI corpora). This project began in July 2011 and will be completed by September 2013.

Visit our website: Seeing Speech: Articulatory teaching resource.

Seeing Speech‌We are very grateful to Sharynne McLeod, Sadanand Singh and Plural Publishing for allowing us to share the title of their book, Seeing Speech, which we recommend as a very useful tool for the student of phonetics.