Learning with the online Thesaurus of Old English

Learning with the online Thesaurus of Old English aims to explore aspects of Anglo-Saxon language and culture through the study of Old English vocabulary arranged in semantic categories. It was supported by a grant from the Higher Education Academy English Subject Centre.

The first four units are essays contextualising the project:

1. How (and why) to use TOE
2. Life in Anglo-Saxon England
3. A Short Description of Old English
4. The Vocabulary of Old English

The remaining ten units are interactive sessions for class or individual use. Each has three sections. Section 1 offers a guided tour through the material, interspersed with questions inviting you to discover things for yourself. Once you have tried each question, you can click on the answer. Section 2 is a short essay on the topic, reinforcing and giving more detail on points raised in Section 1. Section 3 consists of suggestions for reading, relevant websites, and ideas for essays or projects based on the topic.

The ten topic units are:

5. Clothing 
6. Colour 
7. Death  
8. Families 
9. Farming
10. Food and drink
11. Landscape
12. Plants
13. Time
14. The Universe

Project email address: arts-thesauri@glasgow.ac.uk