Dynamic Dialects


Dynamic Dialects: Articulatory teaching resource funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.



This project will create online articulatory resources that show the hidden movements of the tongue and other articulatory organs inside the vocal tract during real speech, using latest anatomical imaging and digital techniques. These resources will be designed to aid phonetic training, language teaching and learning, and speech therapy, and improve people's understanding of how speech sounds are produced.

We will improve and develop our existing Seeing Speech online articulatory resource (originally funded by the Carnegie Trust) to give a comprehensive view of how various sounds in the world’s languages are produced by an expert phonetician, through video recordings of her lips, Ultrasound Tongue Imaging of her tongue movements, and midsagittal Magnetic Resonance images of her head, as well as 2-D articulatory animations created from these data. We will also create a new online articulatory resource (“Dynamic Dialects”), which will provide the video recordings of the lips and Ultrasound Tongue Imaging of tongue movement collected from speakers of different accents of English, from the British Isles and beyond, during their production of various words and spontaneous speech as they talk to an interviewer.

Visit our websites: Dynamic Dialects and Seeing Speech.