Postgraduate research students

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  • Abletshauser Alexandra (English Literature)
    Sentimental Fiction? Social Issues in Canadian Women’s Writing, 1880-1914
  • Agusti Gomez Helena (English Literature)
    ‘Leave to Live’: an Exploration of Everyday Life and Fulfilment in Nan Shepherd’s Novels
  • Ahmed Sameer (English Lit (Creative Writ)PhD)
    The 'Oriental Despot' in historical fiction and fictional history
  • Al Othman Kawthar Yasser N (English Literature)
    Mapping the Self in Contemporary Middle-Eastern Migrant Fiction: A Geocritical Reading
  • Alhawiti Amani Saleem M (English Literature)
    The Future is Now: Reflections of Contemporary Society in British Dystopian Literature
  • Allen William (English Literature)
    Sonic Neurologies: Sound and Schizophrenia in the works of David Foster Wallace and Richard Powers
  • ALShammari Wansah Fawaz M (English Literature)
    The Representation of Psychosis in Post-War American Drama: A Biopsychosocial Approach
  • Alzahrani Eman Abdulrahman A (English Lang & Linguistics)
    Code-Switching and its function in bilingual classrooms
  • Asiry Ebtehal Ali A (English Lang & Linguistics)
    Investigating Phonological Variation and Change in Leicester
  • Black Michael (English Literature)
    Seeing and Writing': Affinities between William Blake and Virginia Woolf
  • Booth Ruth (Creative Writing)
  • Bouch Joe (Scottish Literature)
    The nuisance and disturbance of the outsider
  • Bülbül Candaş Aslı (English Literature)
    Philosophical Exploration of the Pursuit of Perfection
  • Burns William (English Literature)
    Threads of Memory: Oral History and Paisley's Thread Mills
  • Butterworth-Parr Francis (English Literature)
    Video Games as Metaphor in the Contemporary Novel: 1984 to Writing Now
  • Cathcart Froden Martin (Creative Writing)
    An exploration through creative writing of prison architecture and its potential to be a punitive or rehabilitative force.
  • Clark Nia (Scottish Literature)
    Self, Mirrors and Others: Voices in the Poetry and Plays of Liz Lochhead
  • Colla Chloe (English Lang & Linguistics)
    Medieval Life on the Fells: Names in a Cumberland landscape c AD 800-1300.
  • Conaghan-Sexon Sophie (English Lang & Linguistics)
    Queering the wounds of Christ in late medieval texts, images and performances, and in modern queer body art.
  • Copeland Alicia (English Lang & Linguistics)
    Creating Worlds with Words - How Language is Used in Fantasy Roleplaying Games to Create Immersive Environments
  • Creechan Louise (English Literature)
    The Disabling Politics of Literary Illiteracy in the Victorian Novel
  • Cruickshank Dan (Theology&Religious Studies)
    “Hitler has created a resurrection of the German people”: Perceptions of the Third Reich in the Church of England, 1933-1945
  • Driggers Taylor (English Literature)
    Becoming Psyche: Quest(ion)ing Myths of the Divine Feminine in the Desert
  • Evans Matthew (English Literature)
    The Relevance of Three-Dimensional Models and Miniatures to the Evocation of Place and Time in the Writings of W.G. Sebald
  • Farman Sarah (Creative Writing)
  • Ferguson Margaret (English Lang & Linguistics)
    Sociolinguistic study of Galloway Irish: A lasting dialect of southwest Scotland
  • Fletcher Rachel (English Lang & Linguistics)
    Challenging periodisation in the evolution of English: a lexicographical perspective
  • Friend Beverley (Practical Theology)
    Does the religious and moral education taught in Scottish schools today directly oppose the beliefs and codes of the student's own community? Is something very important at risk of being lost and how would this loss alter a community?
  • Gallagher Kevin (Scottish Literature)
    Death, Afterlives and the American Civil War: The Cultural Reception of Robert Burns, 1796-1865.
  • Hansen Moira (Scottish Literature)
    “Melancholy and low spirits are half my disease”: Physical and mental health in the life of Robert Burns
  • Hastie Catherine (English Lit (Creative Writ)PhD)
    “Mademoiselle Albertine is gone” In Search of Love, Truth and the Erotics of Surveillance: A Critical-Creative Encounter with Modernist and Contemporary representations of surveillance focusing on the work of Marcel Proust
  • Holdsworth Lucinda (English Literature)
    Divine Abuse in Modern Depictions of Lucifer
  • Howe Chiara (American Studies)
    The Post-Transcendentalist Poetics of Walt Whitman
  • Judge Shelby (English Literature)
    Exploring contemporary women writers’ reclamation of myth for feminist purpose, specifically within the Canongate Myth Series.
  • Koristashevskaya Elina (English Lang & Linguistics)
    Semantic fields and literary interpretation: studies in the style of English poetry.
  • Lanos Kiation-Qatjon (English Literature)
    The liberating Impact of masochism
  • Lawrence Heidi (English Literature)
    Nature and the Human Psyche in Madeleine L’Engle’s Vicky Austin Novels
  • Lennon Robert (English Lang & Linguistics)
    Familiarity and Linguistic Similarity in Cross-Dialect Perception: Parsing /r/ in Glaswegian This PhD is an expansion of my MSc research into accent-specific fine phonetic detail and its impact on perception by unfamiliar listeners.
  • LI SUPING (Scottish Literature)
    Robert Burns's Shaping of Cultural Identity in His Country Poems
  • Lusk Kirsty (English Literature)
    Parnell to Partition: Irish-Scottish Connections, 1880-1921
  • Markovic Ana (English Literature)
    Oscar Wilde's Queer Afterlives: Sexuality in Post- and Neo-Victorian Wildeana
  • McCracken Saskia (English Literature)
    Woolf Hatching Darwin: (R)evolutionary Avian Tropes in the Works of Virginia Woolf and Charles Darwin
  • McDougall Gillean (Creative Writing)
    'Madness to Memoir: Creative Writing in the Asylum Space.'
  • Middleton Lindsay (English Literature)
    The Technical Recipe: A Formal Analysis of 19th Century Food Writing
  • Mohammad Bakir Mohammad Saleh (Theology&Religious Studies)
    The Legacy of ʿAbdullāh Al-Hararī in the Scope of Islamic-Lebanese Sectarianism; with Special Reference to The Sunnī-Wahhābi Conflict
  • Molloy Deborah (American Studies)
    The Sick Apple: A geocritical investigation into female mental illness in New York fiction set between 1925 and 1955
  • Murray Martin (Practical Theology)
    Applying Catholic social teaching in the work place; what happens when the religious and ethical values of the professional carer clash with the ethical values of the organisation?
  • Murtezaoglu Lydia (English Literature)
    Second Cities of Empire: Glasgow and Calcutta/ Kolkata
  • O'Brien Michael (English Literature)
    Mythological Speculation in Contemporary Religious Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • Ollikainen Iiris (English Lang & Linguistics)
    Attitudes towards authority in early English medical writing
  • Orr Charlotte (Medical Humanities)
    Sir Ronald Ross (1857-1932): Physician-Writer of the British Empire
  • Osmond-Williams Philippa (Scottish Literature)
    Forms and Genres of Love in the Collected Works, Private Letters and Scrapbooks of Edwin Morgan
  • Paxton Steven (Practical Theology)
    Redemption, Reconciliation and Development: The evolving role and mission of Pentecostal Churches in East Africa.
  • Pearce Jo (English Lang & Lingst)
  • Petersen Daniel (English Literature)
    : How can recent theoretical developments in ecocriticism contribute to an understanding of the works of Cormac McCarthy and R. A. Lafferty? Does a refined theory of 'ecomonstrosity' illuminate how these authors challenge the practice of ecomimesis in
  • Phillips Joshua (English Literature)
    “In illness, with the police off duty”: Virginia Woolf and the Aesthetics of the Institution
  • Power Mairi (English Literature)
    Digital Identities: Exploring the effects of new media in contemporary American literature.
  • Purcell Stuart (English Literature)
    The New Writing: Media, Practice, and Time
  • Pyle Hannah (Scottish Literature)
    ‘[I]t was merely the appearance of flesh without the substance’: How the Victorians received James Hogg (1770-1835)
  • Radford Clare (Theology&Religious Studies)
    Narrative Practices and Theologies of Social Transformation
  • Rae Emily (English Lang & Linguistics)
    The Relationships Between the Texts of Ælfric
  • Renelle Tawnya (Creative Writing)
    Exploring the Experience of Experiment: A Hybrid Look at Hybrid
  • Schaafsma Linde Marije (English Literature)
    War Imagery in the Works of James Joyce A study to demonstrate how several wars feature in James Joyce's Ulysses and Finnegans Wake by closely examining both texts. See research outline for preliminary bibliography.
  • Selfe David (English Lang & Linguistics)
    The Licht Fantastik: An Historical Study of the Scots Language in Fantasy
  • Shelton James Lucas Baugher (English Literature)
    “Small Hands Do Them Because They Must:” Examining the Reception of The Lord of the Rings Among Children and Adolescents
  • Shirreffs Gillian (Creative Writing)
    It is my intention to investigate how neurological illness is treated in prose fiction, with specific reference to the voice writers give to characters with such a disease. Further, I intend to extrapolate from this research the ways in which it is don
  • Sledmere Maria (Creative Writing)
    Anthropocene Aesthetics: Tracing Deep-Time, Daily Life and Dark Ecology through Critical-Creative Practice
  • Smith Kieran (English Literature)
    The Composite World: The Short Story Composite in Contemporary American Literature
  • Spence Sarah (English Literature)
    Representations of Stigmatised Health Issues in Scottish fiction 1979-present
  • Spiers John (Theology&Religious Studies)
  • Spoto Angela (Creative Writing)
    Use of the Fantastic and the Impossible in Scottish Writing to Expose Realities of Domestic Abuse
  • Stevenson Heather (English Literature)
    A critique of Pre-Raphaelite interactions through word, image and design with their literary 'immortals'-– Shakespeare, Tennyson and Keats.
  • Stoer John Edmund (Theology&Religious Studies)
    A review/critique of the Scottish Catholic Religious Education Programme, This is Our Faith (2011), from a Catholic theological perspective and that of Jesuit education and Ignatian pedagogy.
  • Sullivan Diarmid (English Literature)
    Ruskin, Proust & Sebald: Romanticism, Composition & Autobiography
  • Swank Kristine Ainsworth (English Literature)
    Irish Mythology, Lit and Lang in works of JRR Tolkien
  • Szpotanski Daniel (English Lang & Linguistics)
    Irony and Sarcasm in Political Discourse
  • Tam Ka Pok (Theology&Religious Studies)
    Identifying Oneself -- Kierkegaard's Response to Identity Crisis
  • Thomas Florence (English Literature)
    A Protean Epic: Classical influence in post-modern American epic
  • Vickery Zachary Adam (Theology&Religious Studies)
    The Vorlage and Translation Technique of the Septuagint Minor Prophets
  • Ward Emma Louise (English Literature)
    Unbecoming Modern: The Work of Mina Loy
  • Wells Heather (Scottish Literature)
    Catharine Trotter Cockburn (c.1674-1749): The influence of nation, faith and gender in her literary writing.
  • Westerberg Fabienne (English Lang & Linguistics)
    An articulatory, acoustic and sociolinguistic investigation of Swedish Viby-i
  • Wills Kathryn (Theology&Religious Studies)
    A Study of Yves Bonnefoy’s Translations of Key Poems of W.B. Yeats, exploring their Interpretation of Yeatsian Concepts in the Light of Bonnefoy’s Literary and Theological Presupposition
  • Wood Joseph (English Literature)
  • Xi Kun (English Literature)
    “Victorian Female Travellers’ Paradoxical Identities and Their Writings of East Asia”
  • Yadomi Hiroshi (English Lang & Linguistics)
    The Rise and Fall of Do-periphrasis in Early Modern English: A Socio-linguistic Approach to the language of Courtly Circles
  • Younas Abida (English Literature)
    The narratives of the Arab Spring: A Critical Study of the selected Arab Fiction in English
  • Young Joanne (Creative Writing)
    The development of protest in women's literary responses to war and combat in the UK and North America in the twenty-first century.