22/10/2014 School of Critical Studies Work in Progress

Published: 7 November 2014

School of Critical Studies Work in Progress

13.00-14.00, room 101, 5 University Gardens (The Edwin Morgan Library)


Beverley Friend: 'Anti-Sectarian Strategies and New Approaches'

David Robinson: 'The Periphrastic Do: Why don’t we say "She went not" in Modern English?'


With a professional background in business and education, Beverley is a doctoral research student in Practical Theology and is an strong proponent of interdisciplinary practice.

David has an M.Res. in Gaelic from Glasgow University and is now doing a PhD in the history of English.


You are all warmly invited to attend, be inspired, and offer feedback (and have some lunch!)

The aim of these seminars is to provide an informal, relaxed environment for staff and students to present current work and receive constructive feedback and guidance. As the name of the seminars suggests, the emphasis is on developing work that is ongoing. We are also keen to stress that there is no strict format for presenting papers: these can be, for example, drafted pieces of writing headed for publication, or a loose set of topics and questions that the researcher wants to explore through discussion. Papers should be no more than 20 minutes; each session features two papers, which will be thematically connected, where possible.

First published: 7 November 2014