16/10/2014 TRS Postgraduate Seminar: A forum for postgrads to discuss their research

13.00-15.00, Upper Seminar Room, 4 The Square


Ruth Dunster
Developing an Autistic Hermeneutic for Theological Thinking

Post Auschwitz and after the 'death of God' school, theological thinking   looks for new ways to operate. One such way is to use the metaphor of autism. Autism operates in the gaps and spaces of imperfect communication. This paper argues that these gaps and spaces are a figure of how literature operates, and how theological thinking might be able to discern in its aporia a way to talk about the sacred.

Deryl Davis
How to Make a Prophet: The Relationship Between Prophetic and Poetic Speech from Jeremiah to W. B. Yeats

This survey looks at commonalities in the experience and works of poets whose writings, and sometimes personas, reflect prophetic authority and archetypes, including Dante, Milton, William Blake, Emily Dickinson, and W. B. Yeats.

First published: 7 November 2014