12/11/2014 School of Critical Studies Work in Progress Seminar

Published: 7 November 2014

School of Critical Studies Work in Progress Seminar

Room 101, 5 University Gardens, beginning at 1pm. A free lunch of soup and sandwiches will be also be provided

1. Sherezade Garcia Rangel: The Simberg Pilgrimage: A critical review of a research visit to Hugo Simberg's painting 'The Wounded Angel' (1903) in the Ateneum Museum, Helsinki.

Sherezade's Creative Writing PhD project uses Hugo Simberg’s painting 'The Wounded Angel'  as a point of departure for the novel 'The Wounded Me', in which she explores innocence, forests, feral children and origin myths. In her presentation, she will talk about her visit to the Ateneum Museum, Helsinki, to see the original painting, and will reflect on how art can be an inspiration for creative writing.

2. Iro Filippaki: (Gr) Eek! Modernism and War: Trauma as Social and Somatic Affect in Myriveles’ Life in the Tomb.

Iro will discuss the implications of studying World War I prose from underdog modern cultures: based on the novel Life in the Tomb by Strates Myriveles, she will explore how the soldier's body in this peculiar Bildungsroman is reconstructed along with the Greek subject’s modern state of trauma as an affect that connects the social and the somatic and signals the beginning of national trauma for 20th century Greece.

If you would like to present at a future Work in Progress Seminar, or have any questions, please contact workinprogressteam@gmail.com.

First published: 7 November 2014