Online elections come with security challenges since digital votes do not produce physical audit trails that are easily verifiable. We present and investigate a hybrid online voting system that combines the benefits of voting from home via the internet with those of physical ballots, such as risk-limiting audits and verifiability. After voting online, the system generates a tracking code and a physical printout -- either paper or 3D-printed -- of the encrypted vote that can be visually verified by the voters through live video-broadcasts. Through an online experiment (N=150), we compared hybrid voting with paper and 3D-printed votes to a baseline (digitally stored votes), investigating perceived trust, UX, usability, and security readiness. Among our results, we show that paper printouts enhance trust without negatively impacting UX. 3D-printouts enhance perceived privacy, yet impact usability and UX. We conclude with recommendations and practical considerations to inform the implementation of hybrid online voting schemes.