The Centre for Computing Science Education

Our vision is to have a single academic discipline of Computing Science in schools and universities, just as we do in Maths and Physics and History and so on, not just to train software engineers, but because we all need to learn to think in a particular way to engage with the modern world.
Professor Quintin Cutts, Director 

The Centre for Computing Science Education was formally launched on 1st September 2017. 

The Centre will bring together experts from the University with government, educators and industry to play a leading role in the transformation of CS from a specialist to a mainstream subject, with the consequent benefits to education, industry and society. Professor Cutts, the Centre's Director, said, "Students need to have the computational thinking skills required to imagine and develop new products for themselves. Embedding computing science in education from an early age will be hugely important in helping achieve that goal".

Key speakers and attendees at the launch of the Centre for Computing Science Education

[Pictured left to right]: Mr Peter Donaldson (Lecturer, Education), Professor Trevor Gale (Head of School, Education), Professor Sally Fincher (University of Kent), Professor Frank Coton (VP Academic & Educational Innovation), MSP Shirley-Anne Somerville (Further Education, Higher Education and Science), Professor Simon Peyton Jones (Microsoft Research, Chair of Computing at School UK), Dr Sue Sentance (Kings College London), Professor Simon Gay (Director of Research, Computing Science), Dr Alice Miller (Deputy Head of School, Computing Science), Professor Quintin Cutts (Centre Director)

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