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  • Affiliate - Film & Television Studies (School of Culture & Creative Arts)


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Book Sections

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Book Reviews

Geraghty, C. (2010) Screen education: film appreciation to media studies, by Terry Bolas. Critical Studies in Television, 5(1), pp. 124-127. [Book Review]

Geraghty, C. (2010) Adaptation in contemporary culture: textual infidelities. Film adaptation and its discontents: from 'Gone with the wind' to 'The passion of the Christ': adaptation, vol. 1 (2008) and vol. 2 (2009). Screen, 51(2), pp. 168-173. (doi: 10.1093/screen/hjq006)[Book Review]

Edited Books

Geraghty, C. and Lusted, D. (Eds.) (1998) Television Studies Book. Arnold: London, UK. ISBN 9780340662328

Conference Proceedings

Geraghty, C. (2009) Classic television: a matter of time. In: The Making and Remaking of Classic Television, University of Warwick, 19 Mar 2009,

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