Image of two female veterinary nurses with a golden labrador

Upcoming talks 2023/24

  • Thursday 28th September: Diabetes demystified: an update on diabetes, diagnosis, and management. Professor Ian Ramsey
  • Thursday 26th October: Stopping that seizure: what to do when diazepam isn’t working. Catherine Stalin and Jos Bongers
  • Thursday 30th November: Haemodialysis, hemofiltration, and therapeutic plasma exchange: is there benefit for my patient? Alison Ridyard and Emily Fulton
  • No talk in december 
  • Thursday 25th January: Cortisol crisis: exploring canine hypoadrenocorticism. Anna Kramer and Laura Espada Castro
  • Thursday 29th February: Cardiovascular challenges in cats: a comprehensive examination of feline heart disease. Frane Ivasovic
  • Thursday 28th March: Picture perfect: interpretation of thoracic and abdominal imaging. Anselmo Gil
  • Thursday 25th April: Acute abdomens: managing the septic abdomen, from consultation to incision, and everything in between. Matthew Erskine and Carlos Pizarro del Valle
  • Thursday 30th May: Avoiding anaesthesia angst: troubleshooting top 10 anaesthesia mistakes you might see in practice. Luiz Santos and Andy Murray

Email if you would like to attend any of the above talks.