Dr Konstantina Linardopoulou

  • McIntyre International Research Fellow (Physiology Ageing & Welfare)

Research interests

My research revolves around multidisciplinary investigations at the intersection of veterinary science and engineering. I am committed to advancing animal welfare, mainly focusing on issues related to mobility and lameness, with dairy cows as a primary area of study. Using radar-based automated systems and machine learning algorithms, I aim to detect animal welfare issues, thereby promoting ethical and sustainable farming practices.

Research Highlights

  • Multidisciplinary approach bridging veterinary science and engineering for animal welfare enhancement.
  • Focus on mobility and lameness issues, with dairy cows as a key area of investigation.
  • Utilisation of radar-based systems and machine learning algorithms for automated welfare issue detection.
  • Commitment to ethical and sustainable livestock management practices.



micro-Doppler spectrogram

Fig. Spectrogram captured by a micro-Doppler radar, showing a dairy cow walking  





Research groups


I have served as a demonstrator for courses offered by the School of Biodiversity One Health & Veterinary Medicine (SBOHVM)