Clinical research

Our veterinary clinicians provide an expert referral centre via the Small Animal Hospital, the Weipers Centre for Equine Welfare and the Scottish Centre for Production Animal Health & Welfare for animal owners and referring practitioners throughout the UK.

We have ongoing clinical research in equine and production animal medicine, which together with small animal specialisms is developing new understanding, techniques and applications in neurophysiology (including anaesthesia and analgesia), clinical imaging, veterinary diagnostics and pharmacology, internal medicine (cardiovascular, endocrinology and oncology) and statistics.

 Titles of Current PhD Projects 

Studies to Characterise Ovarian Tumours in the Mare
Diagnostic Imaging and Surgical Anatomy
Quantitative Image Analysis in Equine Surgery
Investigating the Possible Health-Promotion Modes of Action of Phytase
Development of an in-vitro Continuous Culture Model of the Equine Hindgut Enabling Detailed Study of the Microbial Ecosystem and its Association with Overall Health
Quantifying the Risk of (fatal) Injury for Individual Horses on Entering a Race in North America and Developing Automated Start Entry Risk Indicators
Studies on the Effects of Second Hand Tobacco Smoke on Canine Telomeres as a Model of Environmental Health
Peripartal Disease and Reproductive Function in High Yielding Dairy Cows
Validation & Optimisation of Succeed Faecal Occult Blood Test
Clinical and Molecular Investigation of CNS Trypanosomiasis in Working Equidae: Characterisation of the Disease Syndrome
Development of Post Operative Feeding Protocols for Equids
Improving Sarcoid Management: an Epidemiological and Molecular Approach  
Equine Piroplasmosis: Evaluating the Threat to the UK and Ireland


Postgraduate Research Training Enquiries

Any informal enquiries regarding applying for postgraduate research training should be made by emailing, PG Convenor, SVM