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One-Day Meeting - Vector Biology & Disease

26th November 2015

The Vector Biology and Disease Group is a University of Glasgow research cluster that brings together researchers with common interests and expertise in the biology and control of arthropod disease vectors and the pathogens they spread.

A meeting of all the group members will meet on 26th November 2015, which will take place in the Graham Kerr Building of the Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health and Comparative Medicine. We encourage other interested parties interested in hearing about our research and engaging with us to come along.

For registration, poster submission and further details please contact Francesco Baldini (

International Meeting on Arboviruses and their Vectors

7-8 September 2015

The IMAV 2015 will be held in Glasgow (Scotland, UK) from 7-8 September 2015.

Online registration, abstract submission and further details can be accessed on:

Topics covered:

  • Arbovirus-vector interactions and immune responses
  • Preventing arbovirus transmission: novel strategies
  • Arbovirus-vertebrate host interactions
  • Vertebrate immune responses to arbovirus infection
  • Arbovirus replication and evolution