Our research in the REF

All staff were returned to Unit of Assessment (UOA) 6: Agriculture, Food and Veterinary Sciences.  This UOA includes agriculture, horticulture, forestry, aquaculture and marine sciences, and research relevant to the function of animals, their health, behaviour, welfare, nutrition and productivity, as well as their role in human health, environment and society, or as models for human diseases.   A total of 64.85 staff were submitted to this UOA - which included a few staff from other Schools and Institutes, our submission comprised a set of 161 papers linked to our PIs, 5 impact case studies, and a lengthy description of our research environment. 

The assessment is comprised of scores for each of these 3 sections: Research publications (60%), Research Impact (25%) and Research Environment (15%), combined with these weightings to give a single overall score.  Each section is scored from 1-4 but the scores are really only meaningful relative to those of other institutions.   Our UOA was scored and ranked as follows:

Image of a table with results

More details can be found at REF Results 2021