Acute phase protein as biomarkers of disease in livestock and aquaculture

Eckersall, Stear, Jonsson

Acute phase proteins (APP) are proteins which increase in concentration in blood in response to diseases caused by infection and inflammation. Measuring level of one or more APP in blood provides valuable diagnostic information notably for C-reactive protein in humans. However, in animals there are significant differences in the proteins involved and in the responses found. Our laboratory is a leading centre for research into APP in animals and has identified the best target protein to quantified in each species. This project is designed to develop rapid, robust and economic assays to enable laboratory tests for APP to be available for use in cattle, chicken and salmon production to the benefit of animal health and welfare. Further test systems will be developed, which will allow a veterinarian to test for raised APP levels on a farm visit, assisting in rapid diagnosis and treatment.

First published: 20 April 2015

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