AvecNet - African Vector Control: New tools


The AvecNet project is an EU-FP7 funded consortia consisting of 15 collaborating institutes from Europe and malaria-endemic countries in Africa (www.avecnet.eu).  ting mosquitoes beyond the limits of what can be achieved by the current front-line strategies of Insecticide-treated nets and Indoor Residual Spraying.  The project combines interdisciplinary expertise that will work together to span a broad range of priorities for mosquito vector control, including molecular investigation of the basis of insecticide resistance up to the social and policy implications of proposed strategy.  University of Glasgow's role will be to conduct ecological and behavioural studies of mosquito vectors with collaborators from Tanzania, Burkina Faso and Cote d'Ivoire, develop new tools to monitor human exposure to mosquitoes in different environments, and support research capacity development within malaria-endemic countries by delivering advanced training in mosquito vector biology and quantitative methods to African students and scientists.