Professor Jason Matthiopoulos - Ecology: A Predictive Science

Professor Jason Matthiopoulos recently gave his Inaugural Lecture as Professor in Spatial & Population Ecology. Jason was formally appointed to a Professorship in the Institute in late 2012, and in November gave a lecture entitled Ecology: A Predictive Science as part of the College of Medical, Veterinary & Life Sciences Inaugural Lectures 2014.

As a quantitative ecologist, Jason's research interests and expertise focus on the development and application of mathematical models that help make sense of ecological data, be it population, demographic, behavioural, or physiological, with broad applications to research into wildlife conservation, natural resource management and risk assessment. In an engaging 30 minute lecture, Jason describes what and how ecological scholarship can deliver, outlining what he considers to be the seven key challenges to predictive ecology. 

Professor Jason Matthiopoulos - Ecology: A Predictive Science (30 mins)

View the accompanying lecture in the series given by Prof. Ruth Zadoks.

First published: 26 November 2014