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Bench to Bedside

Bench to Bedside


Cardiovascular disease is projected to remain the single leading cause of death over the next two decades, accountable for considerable disability and reduction in the quality of life, therefore research is vital to advance its diagnosis, treatment and prevention.  

The Institute of Cardiovascular & Medical Sciences (ICAMS) is a successful and vibrant research institute with outstanding training and learning opportunities. Our purpose-built British Heart Foundation (BHF) Cardiovascular Research Centre houses state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities and we are one of only six BHF Centres of Excellence in the UK. Our research strengths have been integrated into substantial, well-resourced thematic programmes that build on the strengths of individual, clinical and non-clinical principal investigators. Working in basic, translational and clinical research, our strength is in elucidating mechanisms of cardiovascular disease, identifying biomarkers of disease, identifying therapeutic targets and developing and designing novel therapeutic strategies that will lead to clinical trials.


PhD programmes in the Institute of Cardiovascular & Medical Sciences (ICAMS) last 3 to 4 years, with individual research projects tailored around the expertise of principal investigators within the institute.

Withing the BHF CoRE Programme we  offer a PhD in Vascular Biomedicine for clinicians (3-year PhD) and we run the Clinical Observership Programme in Vascular Medicine for basic scientists (5 week clinical rotation/obersverhip for post-doctoral fellows). 

Clinical Observership Programme

The BHF CoRE Glasgow offers an exciting and unique training called the Clinical Observership Programme. 

The overarching aim of the Clinical Observership Programme is to contextualise basic science by providing a 5-week programme of activity for existing non-clinical post-docs at ICAMs to encompass the widest possible range of clinical experience in cardiovascular medicine. Post-docs will experience a thorough introduction to clinical cardiovascular medicine, including the investigation, diagnosis and pharmacotherapy and multidisciplinary treatment of cardiovascular diseases. At the end of their training post-docs finish by presenting their case studies linking their experiences in the clinics to their basic science.

The programme, which we have had certified through the NHS, is the first of its kind in the UK and we are working to make it fully accredited in the future. 

You can read all about our past and current BHF Clinical Fellows here 


Our laboratories are well resourced and we offer a wide range of cutting-edge research facilities, including core facilities and innovative platforms 


Our excellent facilities underpin a bench to bedside approach that will equip you with research specific and generic training and skills complementary to a wide range of career options. We can tailor your study pathway to the precise aspects of cardiovascular research that suit your objectives.

You will emerge equipped with the skills necessary for a career in the highly competitive field of cardiovascular science and medicine. Future career opportunities include basic and clinical cardiovascular research in academia or industry, education, NHS, clinical biochemistry, public health bodies, media and publishing, funding agencies and scientific charities.