Jonathan Evans

Professor Jonathan Evans

Professor of Applied Neuropsychology (Mental Health & Wellbeing)

Research interests: Neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation of memory, attention and executive functioning in brain injury, stroke, MS and dementia;assistive technology for cognition;interventions for mood disorder;randomised controlled trials and single case experimental designs.

Andrew Gumley

Professor Andrew Gumley

Professor of Psychological Therapy (Mental Health & Wellbeing)

Research interests: Cognitive, behavioural, developmental and interpersonal basis of affect regulation and recovery in psychosis.Development and evaluation of complex intervensions(including CBT) to promote health service development.Randomised controlled trials and qualitative methods.

Hamish McLeod

Professor Hamish McLeod

Professor (Mental Health & Wellbeing)

Research interests: Psychosis, mechanisms of change in psychological therapies, autobiographical memory functioning and psychopathology, the dissemination, implementation, and evaluation of psychosocial therapies, the psychological understanding and treatment of negative symptoms.

Professor Tom McMillan

Professor of Clinical Neuropsychology (Mental Health & Wellbeing)

Research interests: Understanding relationships between injury, psychosocial and biological factors associated with heterogeneity of outcome after traumatic brain injury. Epidemiology and long term survival after traumatic brain injury. Psychological interventions for people with brain injury.

Helen Minnis

Professor Helen Minnis

Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (Mental Health & Wellbeing)

Research interests: Maltreatment-associated psychiatric problems and Reactive Attachment Disorder. Epidemiology, development and evaluation of complex interventions (particularly for vulnerable populations) randomised controlled trials.

Rory O'Connor

Professor Rory O'Connor

Chair in Health Psychology (Mental Health & Wellbeing)

Research interests: Psychosocial factors implicated in wellbeing including suicide & self-harm; interventions to reduce self-harm; self-regulation & health outcomes; theoretical models of health/wellbeing; Director of Suicidal Behaviour Research Lab

Daniel Smith

Professor Daniel Smith

Professor of Psychiatry (Mental Health & Wellbeing)

Research interests: Bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and major depression. The interface between major mental illness and physical ill-health. Developing interventions to improve physical and mental health outcomes in major mental illness. Cognitive epidemiology of bipolar disorder.

Chris Williams

Professor Chris Williams

Honorary Senior Research Fellow (Mental Health & Wellbeing)

Research interests: Evaluation of interventions + programmes to help improve health and wellbeing. Cognitive behavioural therapy. Community/primary care based health research including RCTs and other evaluative designs.