Key Roles and Responsibilities

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Director of Institute

  • Responsibility for health and safety of staff, students and visitors in all areas under their control. 
  • Responsible for ensuring compliance with relevant legislation and application of university safety policy. 

Line Managers and Principle Investigators

  • Day to day management of safety responsibility. 
  • Approve all COSHH and Risk Assessments
  • Implement local health and safety policy and arrangements 
  • Ensure all new/existing equipment is checked for hazards and users are trained. 

Health and Safety Committee

  • Acts on observations and problems of health and safety within the institute. 
  • Ensure appropriate risk assessments are in place. 

GM Safety Committee

  • Approve GM risk assessments. 
  • Ensure safe practices and appropriate control measures are agreed before work commences. 

Safety Co-Ordinators

  • Creating and maintaining the health and safety management systems for the institute and buildings. 
  • Set up building and communal safe working inspection schemes. 
  • Support and advice groups on safety issues. 
  • Ensure accidents and incidents are reported to SEPS in a prompt manner. 

Safety Advisors (Biological, Chemical and Radiation)

  • Specialised safety contact to advise staff and students in the institute on matters concerning that area of safety. 
  • Able to offer advice on their subject areas risk assessments, procedures and any containment levels required. 

GM Safety Advisor

GM Safety Advisor

  • To advise on GM safety matters regarding procedures. 
  • Ensure PIs are kept informed of changes to GM safety regulations or HSE guidelines. 


  • Read and sign all COSHH and Risk Assessments prior to commencing work
  • Comply fully with safety requirements and control measures
  • Be familiar with relevant emergency procedures
  • Inform line manager, PI or local safety co-ordinator of any work situation that might present serious of imminent danger to health and safety


  • Students are not in the legal sense employed persons.
  • Must comply with health and safety instructions
  • Not to misuse or damage equipment provided
  • May be responsible for the consequences should they neglect to carry out a task required for the health and safety of others

Visitors, Honorary or Affiliates status works

Expected to comply with safety procedures in the same manner as staff.